Uhhh, Help plz

Recently I was told to go to the “community forum section” by a mod…uhhh, I don’t see any.
There is “general poker questions”, “player help”, “suggestions and feedback”, “news and announcements”, and “off topic”… don’t see anything else.
Is there possibly a “Replay Courts” or “Sanctions and Bans” section I am missing ??

There’s no sections like that. I’d suggest you just email Replay Poker Support directly.

Good start here first
I cant see why mod sent you here, regular user cant help your questions, well, most of them.

If there was a Replay Court, I’m sure I would have been there by now. So, no, I don’t think there is such a thing.

However, feel free to air your grievance here and I promise to do my best to be like all supportive and stuff.