Two Pair

can you please look at this

Hi Shashimsd,

You had two pair, jacks and tens, the winner had two pair, aces and tens. What exactly is your question?

I had in hand two pair jack and a pair of six
He just had a pair of aces it should be mine right ??

No, he had pair aces plus the pair of tens on the table. The two sixes were not relevant as you had pair jacks plus the pair tens on the table.

This is something which you guys need to check deeply if you go to casino they will check number of pairs in hand matters too but I would like to request atlst if I could get my chips I would appreciate it

Both players use ALL SEVEN (7) CARDS (2 in hand, 5 on board) to find their best FIVE card hand. The 66 pair becomes irrelevant because of the pair of tens on the board. This is basic hand reading. The computer CANNOT make a mistake on hand ranking, it’s in a completely different area of basic data. You lost because you were beaten.


It makes lot of sense, but I have never heard of that the hand cards should necessarily be involved in ranking.

why would you get chips back? not replay’s fault you don’t know basic poker .


even the odds caculater confirms A2 hand wins.

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There’s also a term for this: your sixes were “counterfeited”. This is one of the drawbacks to playing smaller cards. Any pair you make with them can be rendered meaningless by higher pairs that the board forms.

Imagine I have 22. Board comes 2AA. I am quite psyched about my set. But then the turn is another ace. The river is the 4th ace. I now have gone from a very strong full house on the flop, to a hand that loses to any possible holding my opponent could have, including 32. My set was counterfeited by the quads. This is more common with pairs, but the principle is the same. Your sixes didn’t play. Your final 5 card hand was JJTTA. Your opponent finished with AATTJ. Both of you have two pair. AA is better than JJ.

Wow! Really? I hope I play against you soon. A suggestion: Learn the game before playing for actual money.

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