Two of my top ten biggest pots won in the last 24 hours

So I guess it was a pretty good day.

I managed to pull a whole million chips of profit thanks to these two hands.

Aces over Kings, making set on the river.
Hand #768972044 · Replay Poker

66 over A4 for 3-6 straight over wheel straight.

Two coolers for full stacks against the same player at the same table within an hour of each other.

If it wasn’t for the set of 555s I shoved into a flopped wheel earlier, I might have had a great day. I guess I should have believed the raises, but at the time I read them as overpairs.

The “Curse” took the night off…

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Yes, if you don’t consider the part of the day where I was down 4M. I finally got a couple of chips to slide my way, and ended up in the black due to these two massive hands.

I’ll take it.