TV Show Crossovers

In the television industry there are times when two TV shows collaborate and crossover. Sometimes it’s just for one episode, other times it can be for a couple episodes. Below are a few of my favorite TV Show crossovers:

Everybody Loves Raymond / The King of Queens - They crossed over occasionally and Ray Romano and Kevin James would always have a good chemistry when working together which made for a few good crossover episodes between the shows.

The Simpsons / 24 episode - The Simpsons once did a “24” themed episode and is one of my favorite Simpsons episodes. The story was good and the actors from “24” did voice overs for the episode.

The Simpsons / Family Guy: I personally enjoyed this crossover because I always wondered what a Family Guy / Simpsons crossover would be like. It may not have been the greatest crossover of all time but it was interesting to see the Griffins in the Simpsons universe.

What are some of your favorite TV crossovers?


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I enjoyed “Mary Tyler Moore” and “Rhoda.” Boy, does that date me!


different strokes/facts of life.

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Archie Bunker---- The Jeffersons

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Cheers - Frazier :+1:t2:

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