Trying for a 500k pot, what bankroll do I need

I have a little over 5 million chips and the 5k/10k games seem to have pots this size once in a while…but if luck goes sideways my bankroll will quickly evaporate. Any recommendations as to bankroll size and ring game to play to be in a 500k pot with the potential of winning that achievement.

Thanks for the reply Craig. If you take a look at the “achievements” I’ve obtained thus far you’ll see I can play any variant of hold’em well enough. Observing tables seeking the pot win I have in mind gave me a few insights and inquiring on the forum would confirm some of what I saw.
Over a billion chips?? That’s a lot! I recently won 3.2M in a WarChest MTT (which is why my bankroll is what it is). What was your biggest win, proportionally speaking (bankroll/buy-in vs top payout)?
As an aside, aceto5 seems to be one-of-a-kind in this forum!

I think you could easily get a pot that size within a 2k/4k blind ring game, which is within your bankroll.
I prefer tourneys, go as high as 5% of your chips, so the $250k buy-in tourneys might work for you. Lesser tourneys the play is pretty bad, I actually prefer play at the 1 mil buy-ins, but that’s a bit much with your bankroll. Have a great day.

Thanks for the recommendations in your reply. I’m working my way through these “achievement badges” and I need this merit badge to close up this category…the 500k pot in a ring game. Cheers.

Well, I was having a bad run at the 200/400 ring games where I would set traps with sets, straights…etc… and a one outer would catch me with a flush or boat…etc… After losing about 3/4M in chips I decided to try out my luck at the 10k/20k ring games; I also needed one hand of AA to complete the mission of the day. As luck would have it, I caught AA in the big blind and another on the flop with three callers, one with a big stack. I raised just enough to make the 500k criterion and appetizing enough for big stack to call or raise. Two callers folded leaving me and big stack (5M plus change). On the turn I went all in, big stack folded and I got the 500k merit badge, completed the mission and am 200k up on my prior position.
Moral of the story, you can’t beat luck.

Dude, if that achievement is that valuable to you JUST help this site and buy some chips and play a bigger game.:). or do not play scared and go for the gold ( 500k pot ).

got to play to win n achievements will come…

Congrats !!!