Trophy Room

Unsure if this has been suggested before or if it’s unreasonable, but is there a way we could have some sort of way to see a history of tournaments we have won? I’ve won many tournaments in my tenure here and have trouble remembering them all and I think it’d be cool to go back through the memories maybe even with an archived replay of the final hand, thanks!


Yeah , that would be excellent. I get notifications by email ^ only save the 1st pl ones. About 4 pages worth ( @ 50 per pg. ).

i like the idea to get a winning list option on replay :slight_smile:

yes i do something similar, i keep the 10% or less chance mails, so for example: with 116 entrants i keep it if i was 11th or better, with 52 i keep the 5th place or better, with 9 entrants i don’t keep it no matter the place. this way i keep the best results.