Trick Question

Here is the promotional test that Replay Poker posted on FaceBook:

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“Want a chance at some free chips? Let us know who would win this Texas Hold’em hand! Is it A, B, C, or D? Five random players who answer correctly will win 100,000 chips!”

I know the answer. I also know that most of the folks who answered said Player C. A few said Player A.

I wrote in what I felt was the correct answer and it isn’t a choice that was offered. I did post my answer however on FaceBook.



Player C has a straight flush, the other two just have flushes. Clearly C is the winner.

In what world does player B or C get to showdown? Other than 3 all-ins pre-flop, I can’t come up with a scenario that makes any sense at all. If someone can reconstruct a plausible way the hand played out, they should get 250,000 bonus chips.

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C, straight flush

The correct answer is any one of the three players could win the hand because the 3d gives player C the low straight flush, but since the 8d, which makes the high straight flush is still in play and is the nuts, player A or player B could make an all-in bluff and steal the hand from a player C who would fold. But, I know Replay Poker knows this so I see it as a trick question.

The trick is in the question. It would be Player C if the question was “who won…”.

But the question is “who would win…” thus asking spectators to speculate on how they each could have played their hand. The wonderment is, “if straight flush does any bet suggest it was less than the 8d.”


preflop 22 bets 1st and gets called by both 33 and KK… the flop hits, representing the A, 22 bets out… pot committed 33 calls, KK calls and is still hoping for the 3rd K or another diam… the turn hits 22 fires out again and KK calls, slo-play’n the high flush… the river hits and both 22 & KK check with the str8flush possible… 33 wins the main, and KK wins the sidepot.

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Sarah - I said it had to be plausible, not just possible. I should have also included the condition that there were 3 mildly competent players on the table. Your scenario could happen but it would require enough bad play that it doesn’t qualify as plausible.

Still, I’ve seen worse play so right now you’re in the lead for my phantom 250K giveaway :slight_smile:

The top of the graphic says “which hand wins?”. Given that tense and that the hands appear face up, it seems to heavily imply that we are looking at showdown, and C would win, but I certainly appreciate the semantic distinction you are making.

Aha Joe, The top of the graph asks for one of three hands as the choices, yet there are four choices. But here again was the written question: “Let us know who would win this Texas Hold’em hand!” Then choices were given, and D was an option, and since D is not a player but three players I would argue it is restating “who would win” and the answer then would be D, meaning that A, B, and C, are all in a position to win. In my humble opinion, in this theoretical hand of three players, unless the KK was out of chips, he pushes pre-flop and the pre-flop 22 and 33 response would and should be a fold.

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I tried multiple times to come up with a plausible scenario, but couldn’t. There is no way that player B calls any bet postflop and there is no way the hand gets to the river without either player A betting the flush or player C bluffing at least one street, so it is impossible for player B to still be in by the river.

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There are so many Variables we are overlooking, not being on the table in the 1st place.
What level, how many seats/players on seats, how has everyone been playing, chipstacks, prior baggage hands, bubble points, ect ect ect.

Warlock, you said “plausable” not “probable”…
If player with 22 bets out, how does KK or 33 know he doesn’t have AA and thus play cautious ?
Once the A hits on flop, any c-bet should freeze KK and 33, unless its a Hero bluff raise…
Anyone including 33, who is pot committed as I said, will call in this case usually…
The turn screwes everything up… KK has the high flu, but the str-flu is out there now… since 22 bets out again… KK might think any raise and 22 shuts down and he doesn’t get more chips… so yeah its plausable he’d just call, so he could extract more after the river…
Prob is the river betrays KK and when 22 tries to check to induce a bet from KK, KK also checks because as we all know… a bet then will usually, only be called by a better hand.

so I ask again… “plausable” mayb not “probable”… yes ?


Hence the reason I said scenario E which is not listed !

You have identified the only way the hand could happen, the players being pot committed. For player B or C to be pot committed enough to call a bet before the river they would need to have almost all of their stack in the pot preflop because on a turn with 4 diamonds on board they are probably drawing dead to any bet (or to 1 out with 33). I tried to come up with a scenario where player A checks the turn to induce a bluff from player C, but in order for that to happen player C would have needed to bluff the flop, which would have caused player B to fold. Your scenario is possible but it requires some pretty terrible play no matter what game type and situation.

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Guys, it’s not a question of how or why these hands got to showdown, it’s a question of which hand wins at showdown! You are all looking too deep into this, it is a simple question to cater to casual players, not an advanced strategy session.

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Player A

Notice that the 3 of diamonds gives player C a straight flush. Kinda hard to notice if you don’t really look, but it is there.

Some look casually at things and accept what they see on face. Others look deeper into things and learn the depths of the object they are looking at. It is not the simple thing nor is it the complex thing; it is all things. You make the nondualist position very clear. Thanks. Namaste.


That is correct but he will fold as player A has 2 kings including king of D he will bet high Other 2 players have small pairs they will fold