trash talking between 2 - impossible to play

I was playing in a free roll tournament and 2 guys were really talking trash to each other and it really disturbed me – could not play anymore maybe it was their goals.

How should we react and is there a way to not see the chat discussion – anyway I reported one of them as really was not the place to discuss like this

Just did all in and left the table :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi elibo,

You did absolutely the right thing by reporting the players, and it is always better to do this than become embroiled in discussions with them.

I hope you don’t encounter any more behaviour like this and continue enjoying playing here.


Click on a player’s name. On the popup, look to the lower left. Click on the chat balloon icon to mute that player’s chat. At the upper right of the table screen, there is another chat balloon icon. You can click this one to mute all chat at that table.

If you want to see images showing the location of everything, click here… Replay Help Center


There is also a way to mute individual players or the whole table. I think you click the player and the chat bubble to mute a player.

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You can also just stick a piece of tape or a sticky note over the chat box on your screen.

Mute them.