Trapping to Draw Out Bets and Increase Value

Here’s a terrific example how sending mixed signals can induce your opponent to bet into a monster. You’ll notice after the flop, we check it there, it’s called a “trap.” That sends a signal that we have little to nothing. After the opponent check on the turn, here is where the high level play comes in bigtime. Bet too much and lose him, perhaps sacrificing value. So toss out a small bet and make yourself look weak. Opponent takes it, 4 flushing. From there, it’s just applying those lessons of experience and getting after it. Fun hand but also an example of what some call the trap. Good stuff here.

Nothing to see here we haven’t seen 100,000 times already. I just don’t get the point of these threads. Moving along ….


And again you slow roll him. SMH


Just likes to hear the sound of his own voice. Hope he doesn’t tear his rotator cuff patting himself on the back so frequently. His slow rolling with the nuts just shows he has no poker etiquette.


You got that right my friend!

We get it, we get it. You read a book on poker.

Y’know, that’s an idea… You should compile all this wisdom into a book of your own!! YES!! Write that book!

I suggest when you select a crayon, go black or blue. Any other color - no matter how fancy sounding (Cerise, Razzmatazz, Atomic Tangerine) - will ding your credibility.


The slow call at the end with the nuts is usually considered rude; but then I suspect you are trying to be rude.