Tourny nonsense

an old problem is now worse and thats people signing up and not showing up at tournys with the advent of the monthly tournys look at your leaderboards and youll see the same names as all they are doing is signing up for every tourny and playing gray in most and with the away post and fold they are virtually assured tourny points in most without playing a hand so in the spirit of fair play i think that a 2 tourny limit should be imposed where noone can be signed up for more than 2 running tournys at a time something needs to be done as letting this continue what is the message your sending the majority of the players onthis site that play within the spirit of the rules as i said this problem is now out of control ilookfor you toprotect the majority and not a select few as you are now respectfully retired gimp

I totally agree with you. It is not only a frustration for the players, but also a frustration for the ReplayPoker team.

We saw it happen in other promotions and now for the medium mtt leaderboard. Some players throw away even more chips than they can win on the leaderboard.

They register and sit out to gain points for leaderboards. A while ago ReplayPoker made a adjustment that only the top 50% of the field earns tournament points. Than players had to play a good game. Also when top 50% of the field earns tournemant points the leaderbaord will be competitive untill the end. When players sit out they end in top 55% - top 40%, they earn points for leaderboard, but not much comparing the playing players who end higher and played for it.

One of the players has paid already more buy-in and sitting out (not won prizes) as he can win when he ends as 1st (we never expected that). Of course he played also, if not he never could be in the top of the leaderboard. I know another player is doing the same now because he is also frustrated and not want to lose this way. I can not even blame him and share his frustration.

Sitting out players (only for tournament points or in freerolls where they lose nothing when they not play) are a frustration for all players who play and want to play a good game. But also a frustration for the whole ReplayPoker team.

ReplayPoker is on it, we only had to find a new rule for winning tournament points that only hit the players who sit out for tournament points. And not the players who play for it. The team discussed a couple of options.

The basic rule is that we can not remove players from a tourney when they pay their buy-in and fees. But tournament points you must earn. Players must play a good game and play active. Sitting out is not against the rules, but the way to earn tournament points will be changed as soon as possible.

Greetings Happiness.

i thankyou foryour response and i wish yu would consider what i said and freeze people out frommore tan 2 tourneys as i realize players doplay split screens but with the way the post and fold works its almost impossible not toend upin the top 50% even when gray all the way soif they cant dothis then it becomes fair for the average player thanks again for your showing concern respectfully retired gimp

That is an option we keep in mind to use if needed. It is for most players not possible to play in 3 or more tourneys (3 is even difficult)

But also, when you not play, it is hard to end up in the prizes. You lose your buy-in and win nothing.

I hope with the planned adjustments we get rid of the biggest part of problem of to many sitting out players for the biggest part (or whole tour) of the touraments.

Thanks:) Greetings Happiness.