Tourney started and finished with no warning

I signed up for a sit and go bounty tourney I was waiting for players there were only 5 and we needed 10 then all of a sudden it flicked and said tourney done I opened it and it said I took 5th I never even knew it started ive been on this site for almost two years and this is the 1st time I wasn’t warned when it was starting ive even been on other tables when it tells you your tourney is staring

Hi Jmon

Yesterday there were problems with starting for a few hours.The issue is fixed now. You can send an email to and ask for refund.

I think happiness might be right, Friday, Monday and Tuesday we ran into some technical problem restarting our poker servers that caused some of the tourneys to not run correctly. Send an email like happiness suggested to get a refund. We’re sorry about the disruption, but we found and fixed the cause of the problem. Next on the list is to better handle problems with tourneys, to automatically detect and issue refunds.

Hmm, you get a warning that the SnG start on the page you have open on the site, but you have to get a link on the table when you are in play also, that link is broken i guess. Did not got that link on the other table.

Thanks Jmon, i will report it to the tech-team.