Tourney points

where or how do I find my total tourney points

You can see your top weekly/monthly/yearly tournament point totals on your stats page: However, these are not cumulative totals, but rather totals for your top X performances during that time period.

We also have an article that helps explain what tourney points are and how they’re used:

Cheers, Lesley

So why are the tourney points not there? For example: weekly top 10 shows 0, monthly top 20 shows 0 and yearly shows 0

For weekly and monthly, we are at the beginning of the new cycles, so those will be 0 if you have not earned any points recently.

For the stats page in general, I forgot to note that only MTT points show on this page. In your case plaz, it looks like you play SnGs exclusively, so that is why these are all 0 for you. Sorry for the confusion.

thanks for the quick reply, great staff as always