Tourney points for Satellite events

Player Question:
“Why do you get tourny points for sat tourny wen theres no leader board lol”
Can someone help me answer this?

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Which ones, JanCee ?

Good question! I’ll get back to epa2016 and ask him to 'splain! Maybe he could even come here and discuss. (The part in " " that I pasted was word for word what he wrote, and no more.)

Jan - I’d be willing to take a shot that its a default setting and all MTT’s produce tourney points at the end, even freerolls. Just ignore the points if you aren’t playing on a leaderboard or if the tournament you are in doesn’t qualify for a leaderboard.

Just checked my own results: points are awarded for all freerolls and satellites even though they aren’t going towards anything, Just ignore them - its not like we have to report them on our income tax returns … we don’t, do we? :slight_smile:


Thanks 1Warlock! I appreciate this. I quit looking at all leaderboards ages ago when first I always found myself waaaaay at the bottom (because I don’t play enough) and second one of the people at a table asked me, “JanCee, why do you even bother?!” hahhaa! So I’m glad to know this about Leaderboards, and as soon as era2016 is playing again, I’ll let him know I have an answer. Jan