Tourney: mount kilimanjaro 5892

Good evening,

There’s been some problem with this tourney:

The tables were frozen, so we couldn’t finish it.

Could you guys be as kind as to refund all players, I suppose it’s only fair.

Appreciations, yours sincerely,


I agree with realpro! Please refund our original chips!

It is reported…tour still stuck:(


We are very sorry for the problems.

All players in tournaments that had problems already had their buy-ins refunded.

Thanks for reporting!

Thanks a lot!

(Forgot to mention, but it’s a bit wrong to also refund those who were already out of tourney, but that’s just a minor detail.)


(and just for the record, I didn’t mean to call you a bad mod beautiful :smiley:

Apologies for the misunderstanding! )

your ok i understand what was happening i didnt take it personal it was all ok water under the bridge now lets play some poker :slight_smile: