Tourney Lobby Info

It would be nice if you could add info about the clock to the tournament lobby. Is a particular tourney 10 second clock, 15 second, 20 second, or whatever? It would be nice to know in advance so I can avoid the faster clocks.

The 10 and 20 second games are marked in the lobby. Its that little lightning bolt symbol on the left. The white bolts are 10 seconds with the rest usually being 20 seconds.
Don’t let them get ya…

Well, there’s a big difference between 10 and 20 seconds… roughly 10 seconds.

Also, virtually every tournament has the lightning bolt, so it means little.

Anyway who, thanks.

look closely at it and you may notice that only some of the bolts are lit up and look white while the others are darker blue/grey colour. e.g. Angel of Mercy is lit, Jump for Joy is not. It is not that noticeable but the difference is there.

can this thread be merged with my thread on timers? ( lets talk MTT timers )
sure seems like 5 seconds and 20 seconds, and the ding is ill placed currently.