Tournement Points

Hello, I know this is a repeat question…but…what are points earned for when you finish a tournament? tks

When you get knocked out of a tournament or win it. a few seconds or minutes depending on computer load you will see the change in your bank.

and points after tournament

Boy I must be really tired it is late here. Points will be given to you when you are out of the tournament not after it is over.

Points are used for the LeaderBoards… go to Promotions (main Lobby ) scroll down and on the left hand side you will see the Boards and standings for the month . Hope this helps.

Hey beerlover! Those points at the end of a tournament are tournament points. Tournament points are used during some of our promotions, and as a measuring tool to rank yourself against other members of the site in our toplists and our monthly leaderboards. You can find our leaderboards listed to the left, here. They all offer rewards for the top players, so you’ll want to try to earn all of the tournament points that you can! :slight_smile:

Kinda what I said ! No need to thank me :slight_smile:

thank you, Sharon …:innocent:

lol… well said !