Tournament Preparation

Preparing for a tournament and the way you prepare can potentially affect how well you do in the tournament. Here are some tips on how to prepare for a tournament.

Plan ahead - Whenever possible I like to plan what tournaments I play in and when. Sure sometimes I’ll just log in and play a low buy in or freeroll tournament but for tournaments I’m taking seriously I like to plan ahead and make sure I have the time potentially needed to play a full tournament. There’s nothing worse then just starting a tournament then having to sit out and forfeit your buy in because you forgot you had something planned prior to deciding to play in the tournament. This is why I like planning ahead of time.

Set up a playing sport where you can avoid distractions - Staying focused is important in a tournament epically when you run deep into a tournament. If possible play somewhere where you can avoid distractions and are able to stay focused. When I’m playing a tournament I like to play in my room / office. I turn the TV off and put my headphones on and listen to some music which helps stay focused in a tournament .

Review the blind schedule - If your playing in a tournament that you’ve never played before I think it’s a good idea to review the blind schedule so you know what to expect in regards to the blind levels. This way you can get an idea of how much you want to bet in certain situations.

Be energized - Generally you probably won’t do that well in a tournament if you playing while your tired and don’t have much energy. I suggest being well rested and making sure you have energy (which is especially true for real money tournaments) because if your not you probably won’t play well and get the results you were hoping for.

Do you do anything to prepare for a tournament?



Tournament preparation, 10 minutes to go:

  1. Remove cat from top of computer, switch on computer
  2. Remove cat who has relocated to chair, get the lobby up and decide whether to pre-enter or wait to see how many in it
  3. Collect glass water/wine depending on mood plus snack bowl
  4. Remove cat from chair (again)
  5. Notice cat has kindly pressed enter and committed me to play instantly
  6. Answer queries from children/husband/ regarding food supplies and solve tv arguments
  7. Realise I have missed entire round of hands
  8. Practice mindfulness breathing as recommended by expert in Daily Mail
  9. Choke whilst trying to drink wine and breathe deeply at same time
  10. Reach for calming ham canapé snack and see cat happily cleaning whiskers, no sign of ham canape
  11. Remember advice and practice patience
  12. Watch my folded 7 2 off flop a full house
  13. Close eyes and go all in with lucky 10 10 and result!
  14. Forgive cat, smile sweetly at family and enjoy rest of game!
  1. Decide on beverage
  2. Decide on snacks
  3. Pee
  4. Phone on silent
  5. Decide on tourney
  6. Change mind on beverage
  7. Change mind on snacks
  8. Pee again
  9. Take phone off silent
  10. Change tourney
  11. Have fun
  12. Rinse, repeat.

No issues here lol :joy:


I have played against you many times and also played the cat several times.

The cat is the most difficult to read, but you are cuter and funnier . :wink:


Hahahaha yes keep my Kondrad of the laptop :slight_smile: But my boy cat is importen for me in the game,lays besides me keep me calm :slight_smile: Its a beautiful game.still learning and have alot to learn,specially patience :slight_smile: