Tournament Points when play for blue token

When I played the Blue token tourament, it did not post my tournament points. Is that right?

When you play the Sunday Satellite you get tournaments points, because the buy-in is 1800+200 chips.

When you play the Sunday Million you dont get many tournament points, it is the same as with the Freeroll. There is no chips buy-in.

Dont forget the " tournament points" may added l8er. And may this points not in your best 10.

what are blue tokens used for ?

Hi painy.

You can win them in the Sunday Million Satellite (10 Satellites per week), the buy-in is 2000 chips and you can win blue tokens only.

On Sunday ReplayPoker runs 2 Sunday Millions, the prize pool is 1 million chips and the buy-in is 2 blue tokens.

On your bank page you can see how many blue tokens you have. Click on the blue button “Get Chips” on top of the page and you get your bank page. Scroll down and on the left you see how many blue tokens you have.