Tournament points calculation

Tournament points are calculated with the formula below:

(1,000 × (√Runners)/√(Finishing Position))×(1+log(Buy-in))

IMHO the square root parts on runners & finishing Pos make those number very small, the log part even smaller.

I’m only a very small light on math heaven, but this formula gives around 7k points when you’re in best 50% and 12k when in the money no matter which tourney, buy-in, number of players you play.

I’m pretty sure this a feature, not a bug, but I’m still wondering what you guys think about this.


Ponder this… 100 entrants, 5k buyin…
1: 46,989 … 2: 33,226 … 3: 27,129 … 5: 21,014 … 9: 15,663
49: 6,712 … 99: 4,722 … 100: 4,698

Replay applies the 50% rule, so for this hypothetical… 6,712 is last place that gets pts.
My initial reaction is to pay every place, but with 1 condition. Before the calc is made on final finishing place, all those ppl that never played are dropped to the bottom, and get a equal split of those places. Then you can start counting the 1st person that busted out.

Seems to me that this formula is weighted a but too much on entrants, and deffinitly too much on buyin. I might get past this but this causes the exponential formula to give too much to finishing place. Is 1st really worth 3x of what 9th is, especially on 9ppl tables ??? I do think @least some specific promotions do not mesh well with this formula.

Galak, thks for start’n this thread… lets see where it goes.

Sarah - I have to run and will get back to this later but just wanted to throw out there that the calculation massively over-weights runners compared to buy-in. Its a goofy formula IMO but any formula used will have proponents and detractors. I would love to hear from Replay Poker as to why this formula was created the way it was and then maybe we could all come up with some constructive ideas on how to improve the entire concept and calculations of leaderboards and rankings.

Thanks to both of you for jumping on this. I think it could be one of the best threads started here in a while in terms of helping to understand and improve the site. Does anyone know who at Replay Poker addresses things like this?

I still don’t think people should be punished for not being there. Life happens.

Say I register for a tourney, pay my entry fee, then someone knocks at the door. Hey look, it’s the FBI, and they have a warrant and shovels. Seems they want to dig in my basement again. You can’t really tell them, “Hey, I’m in a tournament now, can you come back in a few hours?”

Well, you can, but they always say, “Keep your hands where we can see them and get on the floor, yadda yadda yadda, blah blah blah.”

If it’s legal to be in a tournament and fold every hand, it should be legal to not be there and fold every hand, especially if you’re handcuffed and in the back of an unmarked black FBI SUV!!

I mean, really, what’s the difference?

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I have to agree, especially since Replay Poker already removes players after the 3rd blind level if they haven’t reported to the game by then. Until then, the rest of the players are feasting on their undefended blinds. In fact, if you have the good fortune to be seated at a table with a high number of sit-outs at the start, you are at a huge advantage over someone who was sat at a full table.

Just my opinion here and I assume that it almost never occurs that a sit-out cashes or receives points.

Dang-it, I’m now late getting done what I intended to do after the last post. Say nothing until your attorney arrives SPG!

Ok, I must say, 110% agree yet I thought it might be too radical for RP. I think its yet another layer into a MTT that players should have to pass thru, and if you pay the entry who cares if you never play, and fold every hand.

Unless you get 3-4 smart players, that actually do feast quickly ( rare, because they all must do it without collusion yet still understand what to do, and how ( & not get greedy/all play ball equally)) usually thier small blinds aren’t that much. If the table is slower, they might lose 2-400 outta say 3k to start with.

Did this become how to revamp the leaderboards or just on the formula itself ? I think the bigger picture here is as follows… Is it just the formula that “might” need a tweak, is it the structure of how its applied within a promotion/league/monthly board, or perhaps the promotion/league/monthly boards that are underutilizing this or other potential formulas ?
Is it even possible to talk only about the formula without where/how its applied ?

Sarah -

Discussing a basic formula in a vacuum is simply an academic exercise and not a very interesting one here. This formula was obviously developed in conjunction with the leaderboards as a method for ranking players over multiple events. So, if you are looking to create a more reflective and accurate leaderboard (or ranking system in general), you need to look at the formula being currently used. If you just want to tweak the formula without paying attention to what it is being applied to, then we can have a field day but it accomplishes nothing.

IMO, you have to look at what you are trying to measure and then derive a suitable formula from that goal. I don’t see how we look at one without looking at the other so again, in my opinion, it is proper to discuss both in the same thread. If you think buy-ins should be weighted more or less in the rankings, then you need to tweak the formula to accommodate that. Playing with the formula alone is like changing the increments on a ruler without regard to what you are trying to measure in the first place. It can be done but not with much constructive purpose or use.

As to the sit-outs, whether or not people simply fold it around to take the blinds or play as normal with just some extra undefended chips in the pot doesn’t really matter much in my mind. They are extra chips in the pots and tables with sit outs are at an advantage to tables without.

Tried finding this in the forum but links were all forwarded to zendesk requiring another account set up and just blank pages?

See here: Introducing Levels and Achievements!

I am curious because I am one level from getting my 50-Champion level and I did it in 76 days of play earning about 450K in chips. Is that fast, slow or just average?

I know it is is related to rake but I haven’t been able to figure out how it is calculated.

I think it would help players to know how those RPP points are calculated so they can optimize a strategy to get to higher levels faster.

Since rank is calculated by chip count and you can buy a huge stack I don’t put much weight on that and the RPP points and how fast you achieve those levels may be a better measure of ranks.

ADDED: Someone changed the headline and this is RPP points calculation.

If you visit the Help Centre and type in where can I see my RPP level you will see a detailed explanation of how to check it. The help centre is located in the drop down box under your Player avatar on the Dashboard.

I hope this helps