Tournament percentage in the money?

What is a good percentage to be in the money?

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Percentage of what to be in the money ?


I am as confused as you Craig.

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I can’t help this guy with one word answers

Sounds as if you are referring to your Statistics Page of Pots Won?

I don’t think there is an ideal %. I personally think you have to consider Pots Won % in relation to the number of hands played but that’s just my opinion.

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example If you play a tournament and it pays the top 15 places, what would you consider a good percentage of placing (top 15) in the tournaments you play? You play 20 tournaments, would a good player place in half of them?


Regarding Tournaments, go to the Promotions Page and scroll down to Regular Leaderboards and select one of the types of Tournaments which will show your standing in those types of Tournaments.

It’s not exactly what you are asking but I think it gives you an idea of your standing by Tournament Points compared to ther total number of players participating in those types of Tournaments.

If your in the 1-10% range, depending on the buy in, you might be breaking even, but probably not. Say to yourself to consider playing as a fun thing to do, a recreational outcome… If your in the 11-14% that’s probably a break even…specifically depending on your place in the finish…but you aint making a living unless your at #1 or #2… At 15-18% you can say that you are in the poverty scale of wages if you went so called pro, again depending on your final position… The real percentage to seek out is 20%. One out of every 5 in the money… but again, your still not getting rich but it might be livable… When you achieve more than 25%…your a pro as it is, you’ll make it a living… at anything above 25-35% your going to earn wages playing poker that will be a livable wage and have something left over… If any one of the so called wins is at a big money table…winning the top 3 spots…from any percentage…especially number 1… your life and life style can change…if you don’t blow it chasing bad beats and second best hands… Nobody I know hits above 35% in tournament play with more than say 100 players consistently. Nobody can sustain 35% win rate In the money in todays age. Look at the old pros… Doyle Brunson(RIP) for example…played for decades… only got like 10 titles. He made it to 89 years old… played conservatively 70 years…50 of them pro… that’s only about a 14% win rate…for 1st prize… Doyle cashed in like 37 tournaments but played in likely in 400. Most of his 10 wins came early in life…not later. That’s less than 10% overall… HIs last 1st place win was in 2005. Those 1st place prizes…kept him around for years as a contender. Phil Helmuth is a tad better… and he is still younger and alive while Doyle isn’t…I didn’t look Phil-'s stats up, but I’m confident Phil isn’t higher than 30% right now overall.

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