Tournament mishap

you people messed that tournament to shreds,20th place is an insult to how I played that game. I am not very pleased with your tech squad. Seems like you favor some players more than others. Anyhow, we all are angry with your performance during the step 1 st. pattys tournament

20th place is terribly wrong for that tournament mishap. From chip leader at the first break to the time of the freeze to non stop foolishness you fix the problem and the wrong players win. Totally not fair.

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Sorry celbert, a problem kicked in when the tournament was down to 25 players. Seems like we had a leprechaun in our system. We’ve now fixed that issue, but we can’t be 100% sure about the final ranking of the top 25 players. Hence we’ve decided to award all 25 players, 4 green tokens for entry to Sunday’s Multi-Million.