Tournament IDs

I have in recent months built some nifty spreadsheets to track league standings based on tournament points earned. I first did this for Badonk’s Donks and Badonk’s Foals leagues, as I saw how much work the old spreadsheets were to maintain, and felt I could make Badonkidonk’s life easier. They’ve been pretty successful and well-received, so now I am working on a league leaderboard for my other league, Poker Disclosure.

The Poker Disclosure league has been going on now for quite a while, and we never tracked outcomes previously. If I go to the League page, it shows recently completed tournaments, but they don’t go back more than a couple of days. It would be a great thing if I could page back all the way to the dawn of time and see all the old tournament lobbies, so I can scrape the data out of them for the leaderboards.

I wrote to Help to ask if they could do this and they said they weren’t able to do it for me. I’m 99% sure that it would take someone who has the capability of writing the necessary database query about 10 minutes, tops, to pull the info.

Something like:

SELECT UNIQUE TournamentID FROM dbo.Tournaments WHERE LeagueID = DisclosureLeague's ID

With the list of Tournament IDs, I have what I need to construct the URL to the lobby page for each tournament, and can pull the data I need from there.

I get that the RPP staff are all very busy working on the HTML5 conversion and probably can’t be bothered with a small one-off request like this, but if there’s anyone on the forums who’s on staff and has access and a little time to run such a query, I’d super appreciate it, and the league would, too.

Even better would be if you could expose a web API where we could build our own queries, but you already knew I was going to suggest that again :slight_smile: