Tournament icon meanings - green to red pie chart, green up and red dowwn arrows

What causes the pie chart to be green, yellow and red. One person has the pie almost filled up and it is yellow. Does it turn red after reaching 40 games?

What is the significance of the number and the arrow on the left hand side. What causes it to be a large number some times whereas it is usually a 1. Thanks, Bud

watch the circle… and yes it does turn once min 40 are achieved, or whatever the min is.
the arrow, that signifies that a MTT if same level has completed, and anyone moving up will show with a up arrow…

Yeah the arrows show how many places you have gained or lost since they last calculated the standings. For example, if you go from 15th place on the leaderboard to 10th, you will get an up arrow and “5” showing you have moved up 5 positions.