Tournament glitch

I played in dragon dance 3,000. tournament is over and I won. however you look at the tournament lobby it shows me and goldtop57 at table, however look over at the standings to the right and there is no goldtop57. the top 5 is correct in the standings on the right side , also its just me at table and nobody else. the payouts have not been rewarded.


Wow, that’s pretty wild. It looks like the tournament is still “running” because I just looked in and the blinds were still going up. Wonder how it got borked like that. Was GoldTop57 the last one KO-ed?

It looks like it can’t resolve, maybe because of the 1500 “ghost chips”?

smoothbiker was last to be knocked out.
here is the winning hand at least it should be lol

I checked GoldTop57’s latest hands around the start time of the MTT and they were all SnG tables. Doesn’t look like this person ever sat at a table in this MTT.

Could it be a glitched late reg or something?

no idea. doesn’t even show him on right side of the standings on tournament lobby, but yet showing him with chip count of 1500 lol.

Thanks for letting us know, @wildpokerdude! We had some issues with stuck tables last night and it certainly caused some strange things to happen, like perpetually running tourneys. The stuck tables have been fixed and servers were restarted. Things should be back to normal, but please let me know if you notice any persistent trouble. We’ll be issuing refunds for affected tournaments and those will not count toward leaderboards.


I notice in my bankroll payouts been awarded. I also notice that in my latest hands that there was 3 more hands were played? Is there a update as to what happened? I saw TopHat57 placed 2nd, to me that is not right at all. The correct top 5 should be what screenshot shows above. Just saying.