Tournament entrants

tournament entrants are to high. it takes toooo longggg to finish a tournament. shorter entrants like 20 or 30 entrants i think is high enough. otherwise it takes forever…

You can play sit & go tournaments with much smaller fields.

Wow, you must really hate Bust the Staff events (costs 1000 chips, 3rd Thursday of every month), then. Recently, they’ve been running more than 600 entrants and lasting longer than two breaks. But, the huge fields also paid more than 100 places and everyone seems to enjoy them and collecting all the bounties. See you there.


I think you may be looking at these >100 tourneys differently than I do.

I enjoy them because you’ll be competing against so many different playing styles. When the tourney’s entrants are >100 you’ll probably be playing against 25 - 40 different players if you can make it to the final table.

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When I was playing real money tournies, my favorites were capped at 1,100 players. I have played online tournies with up to 3,600 players.

I consider anything less than 200 seats to be a small field sit n go.


you must hav plenty time to play because a high volumn of players really takes up my time.
i dont mind though cause i love to play online poker.
nice to hear from you sunpowerguru

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i forgot about this tournament thanks for reminding me. i love to play online poker at replay but my computer runs out of battery every 2 hrs. bust the staff is a great tournament and i suppose a lot of players is how it is. what i mean is some tournaments could have a player limit to suit some players that find longer tournaments a disadvantage. see you at the tables alan25main and nice to hear from you too.

what you answer is true. but there is not many of sit and go tournamnts in our time frame. 3am here in australia is 3pm in the usa. love the replay poker site i dont player at anyother pokersite. do you player online poker at other pokersites feelmysins ? nice to hear from you.