Tour points ( edited )

can u explain about the poker points i have read up about them but dont really understand it all please ucan u explain how what postion u have to get for the week month and year as i just dont undderstand the formuls many thanxs just answer under this week= points month=points and year =points what postion u get for each of the above please

please can u explain this to me as what places u have to come to get weekly .monthjy and yearly points i have read info but sorry i dont understand it

I think numbers cant be determined, as this figure is change all the time. I guess ask for a faster update or a longer top list, or your own actuall rank on the toplist would be better.

I think your queston imposible to answear it in this form.

Ballack do you mean tourney points? As opposed to poker points?

yes he meant “old” tourney points .

( off topic , BTW can we call the poker points something else? like Poker Coins)