Totally confuzed, Tourn points

The 1st Oceanic Regional 15k I played, and looked @ the leaderboard after the 5k ended. As I was expecting 51 of 52 players recieved T-pts. I do believe the 15k also scored in the same manner. Therefore I thought the 50% rule finally went away as of Jan 1st. I was thrilled finally, plus the new Regional which for me is @ midnight, perfect for the insomniacs… but…

Last 2 MTTs I have played now, did not pay out correctly…

So was it because Oceanic is brand new that the coding is right, or is there a problem with the other MTTs scoring correctly ??? I have looked @ all MTT leaderboard pages, they all appear to have had the 50% rule for finishing posistion to receive Tpts removed, yet thats not how it seems to be scoring things.

I did notice Jewel & BankrollB are both off for the week, but that shouldn’t effect how Tpts are scored. Also in my monthly Low it does show my “lowest” is 0, so if everyone now gets Tpts, that should never happen anymore… Can someone from staff look into this possible error ???


Hi @Sassy_Sarah, :blush:

I just double checked and there is no issue on the tournament point calculation as per the formula and the rules we currently have in place for Tournament Points.

That said, it looks like you may have experienced some disconnection issues while playing the European Culture event and that dropped you hands activity slighlty below the 50% mark, which means that you were not eligible to the Tournament Points. Someone in our team is looking into it and will get back to you promptly about it.

I’d also suggest contacting the Player Support about queries like these. You will definitely have an answer faster. :raised_hands: :wink:


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