A friend showed me this hand…it appears that the computer system ignored a pair of Kings and awarded the side pot to the wrong hand…

Ignore this if it has already been reported…

There is no system or programing issue here. Pocket aces won the main pot, beating the pair of kings. The side pot went to A-high as the player with KK did not have enough chips to participate in it.



I agree the dealer split the chips correctly with a side pot etc. I still don’t understand why the winning hand is: pair, Queens. Isn’t the best hand (2 pair, Aces and Queens) the winning hand? I copied and pasted from the replay below:

This info below is taken from the original hand discussed in the original post (I thought this was obvious but apparently it needs to be explained)

Hand Info

NL Holdem

Beijing Rush 4

Table ID:

50/100 Chips

Winning hand:
Pair, Queens

Aug 09, 2020 2:27pm EDT

Pot size:
68,360 Chips

(Note this is not a NEW hand. This hand was provided in the original post.)

I’ve also noticed that hands are labelled differently in different places. The dealer chat box is always correct from my experience but
the Replay info or hands played under players profiles are often wrong.

Dealer: Showdown: Side pot 2, 9,526 chips

Dealer: LowHold61 wins 9,526 chips with: Pair, Queens

Dealer: Showdown: Side pot 1, 6,372 chips

Dealer: Leroy61 wins 6,372 chips with: Two Pair, Aces and Queens

Dealer: Showdown: Main pot, 52,362 chips

Dealer: Leroy61 wins 52,362 chips with: Two Pair, Aces and Queens

The dealer awarded side pot 2 first which was won by the board Queens and hole Ace hence it was announced as pair of Queens. Side pot 1 was won by AAQQ and main pot was also AAQQ.

Hi all, thanks for raising this issue. I checked in with Chasetheriver, who confirmed that this is on our bug list to be fixed soon. It described the outside side pot, and we need it to describe the main pot. The hand will always award the winner correctly.