Topic categories

i just thought of something. we have 5 forum categories (4 for players) to make topics in.
we do have a off topic category for non poker related things, and one for strategy, asking help and giving help. but there are also many poker related thigs that aren’t about strategy or giving/asking help.
simply said if there is a poker topic that isn’t about strategy or help there is no fitting category.

so the question is: when it won’t fit anywhere where do you put the topic. i always use off topic, but since it’s meant for non poker related stuff it won’t fit there either.

the suggestion is: i know we once had a general poker chat option, which is replaced by poker strategy (which is good too, since i agree strategy deserves it’s own category since there is so much into it). but instead of replacing i think it would be better to add it and keep them both in existence.

Very good point! I’ll see about adding a more general poker discussion category and get relevant topics moved over there.

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great! thx.

Category is now live:


i like it! :smile: