Top up progression

Replay has made it really tough for low stakes players to play with the new top up progression system.If you don’t want low stakes players just say so and I’ll be the first to stop playing here.

Hi kydrifter,

Thanks for your feedback and sorry to hear you feel this way. We have nothing against low stakes players, which is why we have things like the daily bonus, Bankroll Builders, Freerolls, etc. We decided to make these changes to the top-up system due to players who were abusing the old system so they could go all-in and then just top-up again. It was not a frivolous decision to make this change, we discussed it thoroughly with both our scheduling and security teams to try and cut back on abuse while keeping it fair for regular players.

Nothing is set in stone either. If it turns out this new schedule is too drastic of a change, we can always revisit it and make adjustments as necessary.

Cheers, Lesley