Top prizes paradox

I hope someone can help me understand this. I was playing the 5K Ticket Hunt MTT, there was a 15 minute late registration period, and the top 40 places were paid (prizes being 5K tourney tickets).

The tourney started with just 35 players. And as one would expect, the first couple of hands had a few players go all in. Those who lost were out of the tourney, but they won tickets, being in the top 40. I was reading “congratulations xxxx finished in 35th and won 1 5k tourney ticket”, same for 34th, 33rd, 32nd etc…

Then we continued to play, and more players were signing up. The number of players grew again beyond 40. The total number of players reached 57. Those who lost at this point didn’t win any tickets if they ranked above 40. Then when the number went back to under 40 players again, players started winning tickets again, “congratulations xxxxx finished in 40th and won 1 5k ticket”, and the same previously won ranks appeared again (35th, 34th, 33rd…).

I’m confused. How does someone who gets busted out of the tourney at the very beginning when going all in and losing win a prize for their rank? And how do players who are still in the tourney still risk not winning anything if more players sign up and they end up ranking over the top winners number?


@Maya - its a glitch. It was brought up a while ago, I think when the 5K ticket satellites began. Many people now know about it and so if you want a ticket and don’t care about winning maybe 2 or more, just bust before the number of registrants reaches the number of places paid. Searching the dustbin of my memory, I also seem to recall this was something RP was looking to fix if/when they rolled out variable proportional satellites. May have been something that needed to wait until the HTML5 rollout but I’m not sure about that part.

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Thank you @1Warlock
It seems unfair though; I hope they fix it soon.


No worries - I think it will be great when they roll out the variable payouts for these games. If they get that feature up and running, they could hold satellites for any buy-in and not have to worry about diluting the perceived value of the entry. It would also become great practice for playing cash satellites because the bubble dynamic would be the same. Lots of cool stuff coming out once they get through this conversion.

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I believe that the only way to avoid that Glitch and to stop people taking advantage of it would be to cancel the tourney if the number of registered players is under the number of places paid, that would be a shame in most cases so maybe it’s best left alone, ( just my own opinion)

It doesn’t have to be the only way though. I’m sure there are other solutions. Cancelling the late registration period or reducing it to a minimum, or not giving away any prizes during the grace registration period until ranks are calculated properly at the end of the tourney. You shouldn’t have 2 people with the same rank in the end, like in my example where ranks 35, 36, 37 were given prizes and then again players ranked the same and were given the same prizes.

Not doing anything about the glitch is not fair for those who play properly and end up losing because somebody else took advantage and went all in and purposely got busted out early to beat them to the ticket.