Top Lists Frozen

All of the top lists seem to have been frozen for the last 20 hours or so?

I’m also noticing that my daily profit graph has not updated since 2/20?


Hi @Yorunoame!

We brought this up with our Tech Team and they just deployed a fix. I just want to mention that the Profit/Loss graph is not updated in real time. A more accurate history can be obtained from your chip transactions.

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Thanks. Just checked the top lists, and yes, they all seem to be updated now.


Is there any plan to fix the profit/loss graph? The transactions page is a little like looking at grains of sand, and trying from their to figure out the shape of the coast on a map.

Hi @Yorunoame,

Our Tech Team confirmed that the Profit/Loss graph has been updated. I just want to note that this graph doesn’t update in real time and the chip transactions page is still the best spot to check your accurate chip transactions.

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Nice. Good to see I haven’t been losing huge amounts of chips every day at least, lol.

Thank you.

Just had a question on how to get to these two locations, and so will share some screen shots.

To see the top lists, just click on the icon in the upper right of the main dashboard and select the highlighted item below.

For the profit/loss graph, it’s again on the main dashboard, and to the lower right in the Ring Game Activity section click on the tab underlined in red:

Oh, nice. It used to be I didn’t get all three digits, and so now I can better savor the full extent of my losses… LOL