Too many soft players afraid to raise

Pocket pairs statistically shouldnt be dealt as often as they are here and made into sets no where near than. Hate betting into the nuts when I should be bet off my bluff

I rarely raise pockets on here because they won’t hold up most of the time…heck, I’ll even fold sometimes…It’s not that I’m “soft” but I’ve been playing on here long enough to know they hardly will get you the win. In some way, they’ll be badly beaten with an odd hand…99% of the time it happens…which doesn’t help the fact that I think the game is rigged.

Aces come up at least twice as much as in a real poker game in nevada. I live in Nevada and play. I always play Ace anything. even ace/2 not suited. I once won a bounty tourney and knocked out 19 and 1/2 players on the way to a 119,000 payday at the end. i was getting ace/ everything(2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,…) dealt to me and i kept hitting. the table got very mad too. it was hilarious.

aces on Replay poker come up twice as much…