Too aggressive?

Hero on Ks5h in BB, check pre.

Flop is KcTs5c. Pot 6bb. Sb checks. Hero on 2p bets pot as pot is small, many people saw it and there is a flush draw. CU and SB call.

Turn Ah. Put 23 BB. Sb checks. Hero bets half pot, CO and SB call. They could have pairs or Ax or Kx or flush draw is my thinking.

River is 9d. Pot 60BB. Sb checks. Here I realize QJ has me beat, but I think it’s so rare that it doesn’t matter. Bet half pot. CO calls and SB raises to 60BB. Hero and CO call.

SB shows QcJd, Hero mucks K5, CO mucks.

In hindsight. I think I played fine pre, flop, and turn. I think the riverbet was ok, but I’m not sure. I could get calls from pairs and worse two pairs I feel. But I do regret calling the raise, I don’t think there are many weaker hands that would raise here, maybe the worse two pairs?. Could be a bluff but not often enough to justify a call. And to make matters worse we have a call of the original bet from CO. Pretty clear fold I think.

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Checking is fine. Your hand is too weak to raise and there’s not much chance of getting everyone to fold after they limped.


I like that you bet. You almost certainly have the best hand and there are a bunch of possible draws out there. You want to get chips in right now. I would make the size a bit smaller - maybe 75-80% pot - so that more of the single pair hands that you’re beating can call.

If you think that any of the players to your left is likely to bet, you could also go for a check-raise. Given that everyone limped then I would tend to assume that everyone is passive and so you’re going to make more by taking the betting lead.


The ace is a bit of a scare card since it completes one of the obvious draws (QJ) and also makes a better 2 pair for some hands (e.g. AK and AT). However, you’re likely still ahead and can get value from weaker hands (such as flush draws or Kx) so continuing to bet makes sense. Again I would make the size a bit smaller to make it easier for single pair hands to call.


Given that you got two calls on the turn, I would slow down and check on the river. If you bet, you’ll get folds from busted draws and single pairs (e.g. Kx) that you beat anyway. You might get a call from a weaker two pair but the only specific holding I can think of here is a weirdly played T5 so it seems best not to count on that.

When you get check-raised for the minimum then that screams strength and I think you’d be right to fold. People on this site virtually never check-raise bluff the river. If the check-raiser had shown signs in previous hands of being very aggressive then I’d be ok with a call.