What are Red and Blue Tokens?? Thanks

Hi Steboo,

Blue tokens are tournament tokens that can be used to play the Sunday Million’s tournaments, scheduled on Sunday at 14:00 ET and 20:00 ET. Those tournament have an added prizepool of 1,000,000 chips and you may register to them with 2 blue tokens. Blue tokens can be earned in the Sunday Million Satellite. They will very soon occur on a daily basis. Please check out the Sunday Million promotion page for more information:

Red tokens are can ve used to play the ReplayPoker Online Series tournaments. Those tournaments have a guaranteed prizepool of 750,000 chips minimum. There is 16 of them and they are scheduled from September 1st to the 8th. You can earn those red tokens playing the daily RPOS Satellites and Freerolls. For further information, please check the RPOS promotion page:

I hope this helps, Shake

Thank you. Yes it did answer my question.