Toe-Tapping Music

If you can keep from tapping your toes in time with these songs, check your pulse to be sure it’s still working.

Johnny Cash and a back up group (love the bass man)
Electric Light Orchestra

Dire St/Mark Knopfler and John Prine


That was awesome :clap:t2: :+1:t2:

A cute little ditty I recently found.

If your toes don’t tap to this, your shoes are too tight.

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glad you liked the video craig . I’m lucky enough to live within 20 miles of Glastonbury so can enjoy festival and go home to warm abode if required .Another of my favourite sets from the last festival in 2019 . hope its back on next year ,

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Just try it, you wont catch anything. Go ahead, stand up and start moving; nobody’s watching.

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Another Bruno Mars ditty that I dedicate to my lady…

This one’s for you Tina…