Today's winter games

Can someone tell me how these ring game leaderboards work.
Is it how many chips you win throughout the day or how well you do at your tables or…?


Hey Randy, happy to help! The ring games in today’s Ski Jumping event use our new Ring Game Points formula. You can check out how that works in our Help Center article right here.

If you play, feel free to let us know what you think about the new leaderboard type. Fozman started a thread here. I see you made a post there, but would love to hear your thoughts after playing in this event.

I’ve been playing all day and haven’t embarrassed myself yet…I’ll check your links…tyvm :grin:

Just checked the help center article…I’ve never seen that b4 believe it or not…lots of valuable info thanks!

later- It’s good to know one doesn’t have to play higher stakes than they’re comfortable with in order to do well :grin:


Looks like you’re doing well @GrandyB - you are just ahead of me on the SnG leaderboard for today. Almost had a win in the last one but guy made his draw and that was that. Fun promotion though and only required 7 quick games.

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Thanks, playing all day I guess made a difference (and lotsa fun).
I was please to wake up to the PMs stating I had won 10K and 100K from leaderboards.
I’m about to go what’s up for today :grin:

Yes, I also want to praise the decision to make the second SnG LB a “First 7” contest. The methods used to gain overall tournament points have high synergy with those used to obtain a high KO count. So essentially, those players were getting a two for one deal. The “First 7” style LB provides a way for consistent, skilled players to do well on a LB without having to play dozens or even hundreds of SnGs.


Yipes - I was killed in that Bust the Staff event today. Right out of the gate I pick up the nut straight and someone had quad 10’s. That left a mark. You do not want to be short-stacked in a bounty tournament early on. More of the same until I make top-2 pair and get called down by someone who rivers a flush with 8/2 ('cause they were suited ya know). My performance was like a ski-jumper who misses the landing and ends up in the stands. Ouch!


I hear ya, I also took several head spinning beatings and got knocked out right before you did.
I’ve never seen that many players in a BtS (450 players) and all that I played against seemed to be TAG strong players…dang near embarrassing I tell ya :blush:

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I have really enjoyed the winter games a lot. Confused??? Oh yes, but still fun. The confusing one for me was the ring games, yesterday but other than that I think I have a little bit of understanding. I loved the beat the staff; the only big problem was it took over 3 hours. The players have been playing so good, for the most part, not heavy betting preflop. That is always nice and I love the friendly players. Replay has done a Great job at organizing the Winter Games and even though, Randy, it is hard for me to figure out all their calculations it is still a lot of fun.

The ring games are my fav because the leaderboards (which is where one can win a lot more chips than at the tables) are not based on how many chips you’ve won but how many blinds you walk away from any given session you choose to play (I’m still not real clear on the calculations but I think that is the gist).
IOW, you have potential of placing well on the leaderboards even if you’re playing low stakes.
I usually play until I’ve built up a real healthy stack and leave and then immediately join another table to start all over.
It may not be the best strategy but I’m sticking to it for now as I have won 110k (leaderboards only) thus far…GL all!

on another note; can anyone tell me why there’s a piece of cake emoji beside my name?
I have no idea how or why it got there :grin:

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That is the birthday cake, you signed up on forum exactly 1 year ago

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ahh, how sweet thank you…
Just so you know tho, for my next birthday I would prefer German Chocolate Cake :grin:

The point system is fairly easy to understand once you break it down. One point is given for every hand you are dealt (if there are at least 3 players dealt in). One point is also won/lost per 5 Big Blinds. That is harder to calculate, but if you buy in to the table for the amount that pops up (instead of changing your buy in), that amount is 25 points. So if you go all in and lose, that is 25 points lost. If you double up, it is 25 points gained. However, these points are only awarded when you leave the table. So doubling up and then losing it all in another hand puts you in negative points, unless you have played enough hands to make up for the loss. The stakes you play do not matter - you can make as many points at a 1/2 table as at a 10/20 table, so you can play where you are comfortable. Playing lots of hands is the most sure way to gain points, but if you can win a lot of chips without rebuying, you will quickly gain points.

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Thanks Bahia7 - got a better grip on it now. So fun and it is neat to meet so many nice people. Thank you for helping me better understand the scoring. GL tomorrow and the rest of the games. GL everyone but most of all have fun.

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I’m looking forward to the ring games on Monday :grin: