Today's ridiculous hands

43 calls small stack shove, loses… possible chip dumping? I guess not, the small stack gets knocked out on the next hand.

KK slow played to knock me out when I bet a pair of 4s and decide to call a shove like a CHUMP. 2nd place win!

Most times when players raise preflop, they have two high cards, like AK, AQ, AJ, AT, etc, so sometimes it pays off to call and then bluff if the flop comes low. This can often pay off a profit of about 4 1/2 big blinds.Personally I don’t like to call with a 2 or 3 in the hand, because you can only make bottom pair with those cards, but sometimes it pays to mix it up, or just to see how the raiser is going to try to play the hand. If the raiser is sitting next to me on either side, I certainly want to get an idea of how he plays.

K8o is not a good hand to limp in a multiplayer pot, because you cannot make a straight with those two cards both included. Even with K9 you can only get a gutshot draw, so are unlikely to get the right odds to call a flop bet. Also, if you do make your straight, you are vulnerable to any opponent who makes broadway. If you pair the K, you may get outkicked and lose all your chips. KT is better, especially if Q and J come on the flop, because you are very likely to get some action if you make your hand, and if you make broadway, you have the nut straight or a share of it.

You only lost 1BB with K8o, but if you limped with it again and lost again, that would be 2BB, and so on.

You are right that flopping two pairs on the flop can be dangerous. Just recently I was eliminated from a tournament when I flopped two pairs with Q4 in the BB and shoved, only to be called by KQ, who managed to hit one of his 3 outs on the turn. But this is the problem with playing junk hands like Q4, you are always vulnerable to overcards, which is why you will often want to take the pot at the flop and not allow the opponent to draw out on you with his second card, or his pocket pair.

My tournament philosophy is increasingly leaning towards playing as few hands as possible and allowing the opponents to beat up on each other, and observing the mannerisms of the players. If you can just win the occasional set of blinds and double up a couple of times, you are usually in good shape at the end of the first hour.


Yes, but not sure why you minraised preflop with a weak Ace. Your opponent flopped a gutshot draw to the nut straight, and any heart on the turn would have given him 13 outs on the river even if you were ahead. Plus, as it happened, any Ace would have given him a further advantage, so there was no way he was going to fold to your min bet on the flop.

Wise words – as expected – from Bahia. I definitely prefer to offer highly aggressive players a noose with which to hang themselves.

About 6 months ago, I faced one of these people (who, admittedly, was rather clever with the aggression) and played AK-suited two completely different ways. Guess which one netted me more chips.

AK-spades (up front aggression with pre-flop re-raise on BTN)

AK-clubs (check to river with several limpers then check-shove on BB)

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Starting right where we left off last night…

Opening hand, I’m dealt 68o in the BB. A player raises up to 105 chips, I muck. Flop: 579, I would have had a straight. Big raiser AT wins the hand with Runner-runner Tens for three of a kind. See, the point of raising preflop is to fold out players who might have made a better hand than you before they see the flop. It works sometimes.

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UTG+1, 88. Opener raises from middle to 105, player behind shoves. I fold my 8s. Opener holds TT, beats AK and eliminates him; I would have hit trip 8s if I’d stayed in.

THA VERY NEXT HAND I’m dealt 33, and someone again raises to 105, I call this time, no one shoves. Flop misses me, someone bets, I fold my 33. CAN YOU GUESS THE RANK OF THE TURN CARD? I BET YOU CAN.

Hint: It’s a 3.

The RNG is deliberately messing with my head now. You cannot convince me otherwise.

The good old half pot flop bet call, check shove

Every time! The player who calls the bet assumes the check means you missed, and shoves. I could exploit this if I could ever hit a paired flop for trips.

Eliminated 7th.

I attempt to short-circuit the turn-check-shove routine by shoving first myself, with an unmade straight, and of course I walk right into a flush. Why deprive anyone of their rightful income by forcing them to shove, and then just folding?

I bet I could quintuple my win rate by never again betting on a straight draw, and never calling on a straight draw. Basically, straights are dead to me unless I hit the straight preflop. Even flopping a straight is a losing bet for me. If I flop a straight, someone’s bound to hit a full house on the river when some card pairs, most likely a 3, because you know you should never ever not play out 33 to the river.

I play a 23 hand and win, with a pair of kings on the board.

I play another 23 hand, and run into 23. Because we block each other, I’m sure, we are beaten by two higher ranked cards making a superior pair against our 8s and 3s. I will point out though that my min bet on the flop folded half the table, and not the other daredevil rocking 23o.

I get to limp 94 from the BB and take a huge pot because no one believes me when I bet anymore. So that’s one advantage of losing like Beck’s Greatest Hit. Flopped 2 pair and it stood up, but I couldn’t get the short stack to call me all-in, so I’m guessing most likely he had 5 aces and 6 kings in his pocket, and was intimidated by my betting the exact amount of chips left in his stack, and he just couldn’t chance it.

Flopped straight into flopped nut flush, paid off in full on the river. YEAH I knew, how could I not know?

Out 6th, calling shove with high pair Jack, weak kicker into JQs flush draw that hits player who had flush in the previous hand. Sure, people just make flushes all day long. Very reasonable. You see this any time there’s a suited pair.

It seems that straights have left you cold. Maybe you need a straight jacket?


Hand 1.

I get dealt KK. I decide not to tip my hand too much, but I want a pot here, I raise 3BB, get a table of callers

I flop KKK. (K54)

Turn, 2d. OK, it’s time to shut this down before someone hits a straight. Probably too late already, You just know someone here has an Ace, maybe I’m cursed enough that they’re holding A3.

Well, we don’t need to worry about that. The 3 shows up on the River. I know I’m cooked. I just want off this table. Here, have all my chips!

And someone DOES have the Ace! But the other player still in the hand has the 6!

The KKK took my baby away. Out in 1. You cannot make this @#%@# up. 50k buy in wasted. LOVING RPP right now.

What do you do when you get KK, shove? Wouldn’t matter, I’m sure both would have called even before they signed up for the table.

Lol, I win this 3-max by trying to lose it.

Starting hand: Hand #499786099 · Replay Poker

90 wasn’t even close to enough to limit the field. Early on, think in terms of percentage of the starting stacks, not BBs.

You bet 30 into a pot of 465 on the flop? What were you thinking? Egad, would call that with 1 card… even if it was from an Uno deck. Hell, it’s probably correct to call there with no cards.

Time to shut it down on the turn, with 3 to a straight and a possible flush draw, against people you should know won’t fold any draw. It’s bet, called, called, and you decide to “shut it down” by raising about 1/3 pot?. SMH

So the river brings an almost certain straight. Someone leads for half pot AND GETS CALLED! And you ring the bell by raising more than 35 BBs? Your LAST 35+ BBs? I’ve come back to win with 3 BBs or less, you give up with more than 35?

Dude, are you playing like that to troll us? I know you can play better.


I wasn’t trying to win the hand.

At first, I was thrilled to see KK on my first hand. I figured I’d get a win, I wanted to make it as big as possible.

The way I’ve been running lately, every single G-D time I raise up big, everyone gets right out of the way, because my table image is raises 10+BB when he has any pocket pair TT+. I didn’t want that to happen, I wanted to get calls here. I didn’t want to try to isolate one player only to see the table fold, and collect the blinds. I guarantee you, 4BB would have been too much for anyone to play on this table. Not because I know the players, but because Murphy’s Law is the dealer, and the name of the game is No Limit Ruin Puggywug.

At the flop, I’m looking great. Trip kings, nuts in my hand. 54 doesn’t worry me – yet, but I consider that I’m probably too far ahead any other hands to bet big here. So I lay out my min bet. I know it’s a dumb bet, that’s the point. I want to trigger someone to shove here, the way everyone has been doing on me for the past two weeks. Instead, everyone just calls.

On the Turn, I’m now worried about a straight already made, but I’m so used to enjoying every hand I play going sour that I want to see it happen again, just so I can point to it and laugh, and show the world that yes, the RPP RNG is definitely out to get me. So I bet small. I’m begging straight draws to call here.

If I’m chasing a straight, and need a 3, that’s an inside draw, and I know I’m not going to see that out. I know it. It’s a 200:1 shot when I call, and a 1:1 shot when I fold. But it’s not me, so of course the river brings a 3.

Now, as soon as I see that 3, I know it’s done. I’m disgusted, I just want to be as far away from the table as possible, and put in another 25000 or 50000 chips and see one more hand go south on me, and then another, and another, 10 or 15 times tonight. The more the better, the faster the better. Why should I play to win when it’s so obvious that the house is completely out to get me on every hand I try to play?