Today's ridiculous hands

Maybe you can get away from these running bad periods, or just coolers or bad beats… Anyway, we all want to get better right ?

Not sure how I can get away from them… I mean, once the cards are dealt, that’s pretty much it.

I could always try walking away from the game after three bad games in a row and shutting down until the next day or week.

Here’s my morning MTT run ruined by a cooler, flopped flush checks to the river, then shoves, right when I make trip Tens, A kicker.

I drop from like 3rd to 12th/23 in one hand like a complete idiot calling because I assume he has a Ten and I have a better kicker. Heedless of the obvious flush from the flop, and the fact that ATTT here is vulnerable to any T making a second pair for a full house. Great call, huh?

I guess I’m ready to throw myself off a bridge now.

Some more BS

74 could have had a straight but you can’t ever play 74.

Weak suited Ace limps flops a flush draw, but the board has two pair by the Turn and the flush never fills; even if it did I could safely assume anyone on a 6 or 7 has the boat to beat me.

Bet middle pair like it’s top pair, get called, check the turn, opponent checks back, try betting again on the river, they call and DON’T have it?!?! What a weirdly misplayed hand by @ROTTWEILER.

Don’t get me wrong, but this certainly isn’t a snap call. I have to admit that this whole hand just doesn’t make sense, but a n y w a y … There is a flush draw, straight draw, what does he shove with? Do you know if this guy is a complete fish ? If not, it just seems like a donk-value shove, but difficult to analyze all of this in a few seconds anyway. The river just sucks for you, it’s true, but argh, I think you can just lay it down? Is he really gonna bluff-shove here to win some small unimportant pot ?

Dude, keep cool, get some fresh juice or something, look out of your window, and be happy that you’re on such a great free poker site. Enjoy it, don’t get mad, it’s bad for you, for your game, for everything.
I’m here with basically 0 chips ; I gave up to be honest ; I wish there was some kind of way to get at 10 million immediately, or higher as I can see (:expressionless:), to play some serious games. I’m not patient enough to use a decent bankroll management to play against total donks. There’s worse than you man.
All I can tell you, is go play some 200k buy-in cash game, do not only play SNG’s, you’ll enjoy it, it’s different, but cool in its own way…
Good luck, be careful though, gamblers are still there in cash game …:pensive:

Right, I could and should have just laid the hand down. He quietly held on to his flush until the end, and I fell for it. It was a great play by him. The fact that the read didn’t make sense was what gave me the notion that I could call here with trips and take it.

I’m still in this game, currently sitting at 8th/18, so not doing horrible, but I’m pretty annoyed that I made that call and dropped down to the middle of the field where all I can do is hang on and try to survive the bubble.

Fold, fold fold, through the midgame, looking for a hand that I can shove. I get TT in the BB, and plan to take a chance on it, and the entire table folds to me, I get the blinds and antes.

Out 11th after folding 99 on the flop and shoving 33. Small stack calls me, but has me covered, hits his Q on the flop and that’s it. I don’t ever expect to win with 33 preflop, certainly not facing a raise, but it just seemed like I was only going to get rag pocket pairs for the rest of the game and I might as well try to play them. When I’m playing like this, I don’t really want to win, I just want to get enraged when I don’t win.

Can’t afford to fold, ridiculous outcome…

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That hand is at least understandable in that you’re forced to play due to the blinds. If that was at the opening blind level and you lead with that size bet, or raised someone on KK raising to 10BB (300 chips) then it would be ridiculous. I hope you went on to win that game.

The ridiculous thing was 57o hitting the gutshot on the turn to beat AQ and KK. I had to play pretty much any 2 cards, but still.

And no, I didn’t go on to win. I finished 8th of 95.

2nd night at the Foals league. More of the same. - 2nd hand of the game, I play JT, hit a Full house, with it, and manage to win nearly 1000 chips.

Stack is over 7000 - J6 BB, river jacks, small pot. AA vs 99, flops set of 9s disaster hand.

Stack now below 1800 JQ v J7 JJQQ over JJ77 double up A8 over A4 AAA double up back to health.

Stack back over 6000 JT OESD miss JJ raise and dump to ANOTHER 999 hand, this time the flop misses me and it’s 99 on the flop, the big stack bets and shows he has a 3rd 9. JT wrong flush board check-fold to river, folding on the river bet Q9s flop straight draw, check-call to river lose K-high over Q-high. J2 (folded) flop 522. 55 wins hand, 55522. good fold. A5o BB flop wrong flush, but OESD for me, fold to bet from big stack. KQo raise, bet flop, but stack calls, don’t hit a pair, fold river 99 wins. %$#!& YOUR NINES.

Stack Down to 4500

Tables rebalance 5 players out now, am 21st/25 of 30 96o in BB, fold to a 2BB raise. Good fold. 9-K straight wins, table now has a big stack at it. T6o in SB, fold, made two pair, KK wins over JJ2. Could not have played with any confidence. K5s limp, flop 8AA, one spade. Fold on flop to half-pot bet from dealer.

4125 chips 20th/25/30

J8o KQ2 flop, big stack takes it on the flop shows 22.

73o fold, big stack wins from BB uncontested.

J7s in BB. flop 68J, bet pot and take it.

Stack down to 4520.

Q4s in SB. Limp. 789 flop, 1 club. Check-fold after player behind me goes all-in.

A8o, fold.

4360 chips 17th/22/30

630, fold. Big stack beats AJ with 42, hitting a pair of 2s. K5s, flop 8AA, fold on the flop to a half-pot bet.

J8o, fold.

K3o, fold.

Q9s, UTG+1, limp. Next player shoves. %$#!& you.

4100 chips, 18th/22/30

A4o, fold. Flop 254, 6. 4 hearts. Hand ends on the turn. Maybe could have played here. Big stack takes it says he had 66, so would have been on a set.

A8o in BB, a player raises from 330 to 1320. Fold. %$#!& you.

K2o, in SB, fold. AJ goes all in, called by AJ, they hit AAJJ, chop.

3570 chips, 18th/22/30

T8o, fold. Flop 788. @$@#(^&^*&^! Player bets half pot against the big stack, who folds. No idea if they had trips or what. Maybe they would have beaten me with J+8 or something.

  1. Limp. K4K flop. 7 Turn. No action. 3 river. Fives are good, I take 1440.

Stack 4650, 17th/21/30

A6o, fold. TKT, 3, player minbets the turn and takes the hand.

T8o, fold. Flop T9J, for Tens + OESD, hit Q on the turn. %$#!&. 22 vs Q6, wins it.

K8o fold. 5J3, 6. Big stack wins on a 3-7 straight.

K2o in BB, whole table limps. 455 flop. Player behind me bets pot. Fold.

3880 chips, 16th/21/30 in SB. Limp. I feel congratulations are in order, I managed to get to see a flop. 2AQ, I have top pair, and 3 hearts on the board. 2nd to act shoves, I can tell they have either AK or AQ, and I’m just that beyond caring at this point, so I call. They flip up AK, I’m %$#!&ed. I knew it. This whole game, most of the time now one opens, everyone limps, but the 2-3 hands that I get semi-playable cards dealt to me, someone’s shoving preflop. Probably doing me a favor keeping me from losing more chips faster. But then I manage to get in to see a flop, I even hit it, and again someone’s hyperbetting the pot, so I’m sick of it, I decide to stand up and call, and of course it’s the wrong move. I even knew it was the wrong move. If I could have raised the shove so I could have given him all my chips right then and there, I would have done it.

Stack is 1255. 21/21/30. Basement desperation garbage time, %$#!&., I shove, 2 players call me. No one’s afraid to call here, of course. I hit top two pair, and am blasted out of the game anyway by a broadway straight to end my @#@#%y run.

I guess the lesson is, playing poker is impossible when you’re able to play 1/50 hands. Also, throwing away your chips in anger is not a great way to win.

I’ll have to work on it. But mainly I’m just super angry at the way my luck has gone. I can handle a bad beat. I can’t handle dozens of hands over a week going south on me on top of ice ages that go on for 40-50 minutes or more.

This is a win, jonmike not shoving the river and leaving you with a 2K stack is a win in my book… lol :wink: Cheers Pugs

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…or pre-flop for that matter, @puggywug.

So… lots of quotes here from people all noticing the same thing… people going full r-tard if you actually play aggressive poker. I remember in a low stakes ring game, I was raising 25BB pre-flop at one point and still getting 5 or 6 callers. Once I got called a bingo player, I confronted them, then picked up my winnings and left.

After slamming my head against the wall like this for a while, changing stakes often, I switched over to 4-max & 6-max ring games per the suggestion of @Comicguy. I have to say, the level of play at those tables is substantially better than a typical full ring. Still not enough to be “good”, mind you, but infinitely more predictable and easier to make some profit. (With less wait time between hands!)

==insert witty segue==

I recommend this as well, Pug. Play a 4-max ring game at 200/400 or thereabouts for a while. You can totally play 74s on the button if everyone is weak. If you’re having a bad night on the tournament circuit, join a ring game and play a smart (but loose) 30-35% range pre-flop. It’s fun and it moves quickly.


Well, my computer was broke down for 2 days, which meant I made whole 5000 chips, actual +EV play for collecting the daily bonus.

Played Badonk’s Foals league again, and did fine, until I got AQ, flopped QQA, got bet into by AJ who had JJA for middle pair. I go all-in on the Turn, and they call me, LIKE YOU DO WITH A NUTTY-@$$ HAND LIKE 2nd PAIR. And then he proceeds to river out a trip Jack suckout bad beat to drop me off the table in 21st place. And after I had just so patiently folded junk cards for the privilege of playing this hand, too. Goodnight, I hate everyone.

Flop a broadway draw and bravely sustain a bet, calling to see the Turn, my perfect card fills the straight, and I go all-in, river sucks my opponent out to a KKKTT full house and takes me for my buy in THANKS CARDS.

77 improves to full house, yay me.

Then I get my JJ destroyed by KT, KKTT > JJ

Straight, K-9 over A9s flush draw on flop top pair 9s.

Can’t win can’t win can’t win can’t win can’t win can’t win can’t win can’t win can’t win can’t win.

As long as you’re having fun, you are winning.

It sounds like you are having a lot of fun!


There are no “good games” anymore. Only idiots who will call with anything, and coin flips.

Sometimes you can win two coin flips in a row, but usually not.

I have about 112 more games of this BS until I’m broke and can be freed of this prison forever.

Was doing OK at this 25K SNG, until I call a shove from 66 with AQ, flop top pair Aces, he hits a set and I’m out.