Today's ridiculous hands

Incidentally, here’s what happens when I play 43s like it’s the invinicble hand that it’s not:

A very predictable outcome, as you can see: The table respects the shove, EXCEPT for A2o, who naturally hits a pair of Aces, while I make a pair of 4s. So that’s great.

And HOW many times can you get dealt AK and be dominated in one table?

At least I got out of the way of this one with my AJ no hearts.

Opening to 225 (7.5BB) with KK, 5 callers call.

Flop 2 pair, KK66. Early position, so check-raise, but no one plays.

2s on the turn, now there’s a spades draw. 4th spade on the river, opponent hits a flush.

My attitude now is as tilty as I’ve ever been. If the dealer wants to give me a hand that I can play, they curse the rest of the streets so that I’ll:

  • miss the flop entirely after raising big and have to lay it down,
  • make a hand but another player will make an even better hand

After losing a hand like this, I just decide to give my chips away, because what’s the point of even playing if you wait until you get some good cards and just get killed with them.

2 Pair flop = LOSER
Flush = LOSER
Flopped Full House = Almost fold because the river puts 3 on the board over my pocket pair, meaning maybe my opponent has quads.
AA = beat by 34

This is the most ridiculous run of bad luck that I’ve had in the last week, and it’s been on top of bad play on my part, but it’s also amplifying my bad play, making my bad play worse.

I’m going to give away another 25000 chips and then go on vacation.

It is hereby proven conclusively that the RNG doesn’t care at all if it’s your birthday.

Opening hand, 78o. Sure, let’s limp. A raise? Let’s call. This always goes well when I watch someone else do it. Oh, I flop a pair of 8s, a couple of broadway cards over me. Those 8s must be the best hand.I’m sure another 8 will come, because that’s what would happen to me if I had a pair of Aces here… Opponent bet half the pot, so let’s call. Opponent checks the Turn. This looks like me, let’s bet the pot. OH wait they called. We’ll both check the river. Look at that, pair of Aces. How about that, my excellent betting intimidated my opponent into not betting more on the river, I just cost him chips.

Here’s another. On the button, limp in. Pair of 7s hits a set. No one bets the flop. No one bets the turn. I don’t have anything, but when you’re the dealer and no one bets for two streets, you bet. Immediate snap call by the SB, and a raise by the set of 7s. I get out of the way, I’VE SEEN THIS ONE BEFORE GENTLEMEN.

Look at the bright side, at least you’re having fun.



My string of rehabilitating the small stack goes on!

Let’ s muck 25o, no good can come of it.

Rhetorical: Why do pocket pairs always come for the small stack when I’m in the BB with nice unpaired broadways?

Let’s fold J5, no good can come of it.

AA, better raise, but not too much, we want to get a sucker in on this hand.

We don’t play 93 in this house young man:


AA again… guess what?

AK beats QQ, and I’m holding AK! Alert the presses!

Flop two pair, suited board, put the small stack to an all in call, betting they won’t call to a flush, but might call if they have the flush, they don’t have the flush but they do have the draw… lose to the small stack, suckout to better 2 pair.

Ace high outkicked, but why did I even?