Today's quote not right?

i know it has been shown several times before, but until now i wasn’t really paying attention.
today’s quote was: the one who bets most wins, cards just break ties.

so unless someone could explain some deeper thought i just missed, it’s really strange that it has been added to the quotes.
because if you try to bet the most, usually you are the worst player on the table that make senseless bets and raises with bad hands. i agree agression is an important part, but only when you do it with a good reason. if you just try to bet most of everyone you have a range of hands that includes lots of poor hands and still decide to voluntarily put your money in with them.
another way to interpretate this quote is when the word “most” not meaning amount of hands, but betsizing. but this also don’t make any sense. there is a reason most betsizes are standard (like 3BB opening raises, 50% pot bets, 70% or 100%). which is because it will give best profits long term, this because these betsizes work best with the range of hands you should play, and not altering them too often will make your opponent having a hard time to read your sizing. and the size is usually good enough to both value from with the right hand, and have a good risk/reward ratio when bluffing. this means when you decide to always bet the most, you throw all this strategies into the trash and make senseless betsizing, which will make hands you could probably profit from fold to you instead, and with hands you can bluff with, you get a (much) higher risk then reward.
long story short: no matter which of the two ways you interpretate the word “most”, it both will make you LOSE a lot, not win. and even worse, it probably makes you the worst player on the table, and defenitely not a winning one.

so i want to ask 2 things:
1: is there some deep thought into it i missed or am i right about this?
2: (question for the staff) assuming i’m right about this, i think it’s better to remove this quote.
this because it will give very wrong information to new players. which will help them to learn playing wrong, not right. and that’s very important because those quotes are actually meant to help the beginning players.



I, too, felt this concern upon reading today’s quote. Thanks for taking the time to write, Yiazmat.

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You make a good point, and given how frustrating bingo play can be for many on the site, it’s probably not a bad idea to pull this one. It’s been removed!


thanks for the positive comments both of you. and great to hear you agree with the removement fizzy :slight_smile:

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Put it back…then give it more thought. That quote is from Sam Farha, who has 9 WSOP cashes, 6 final tables, and 3 bracelets. How many do you have?


i have none, i am just an amateur that happens to love the game of poker :slight_smile:.

but i think i do know a bit about poker strategy, you might have read the explanation in the topic and all i put there is 100% true. i know i probably can’t beat a seasoned pro with all those accomplishments, but i just need some more information.
but like i also posted in the topic: “is there some deep thought into it i missed or am i right about this?”. if so feel free to mention because i couldn’t find it. and if there is i don’t think replay has any issues to put it back. but if there isn’t, it is incinuating the wrong strategy to beginning players. all i am doing is trying to help, but before putting it back we just need some more proof it is actually having some deeper thought behind it. if you know, feel free to mention.

thanks for the information.

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Sam Farha is rocking the game, clearly. And I wish I were as skilled as he is! I do agree that playing too tight–sitting on chips too often instead of betting them–is no way to win. So, I understand the point. But Sam Farha has honed his skill at choosing which hands to play. I have seen players on this web page who have honed that skill. They are very impressive! Good conversation. Thanks.

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Speaking of quotes that aren’t right…SunPowerGuru authored today’s? Try Daniel Negreanu.

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LOL. i m sorry 2 break it 2 u… but the quote is RIGHT !!! going ALL IN with any 2 cards (BINGO strategy) is da only way 2 WIN BIG! i am learning poker from da #2 on da site… this site is 2 rigged 2 b true!

these 2 hands happened consecutively… LOL!

A short quote, like a witty aphorism or a twitter, can sound impressive, but they obviously lack every nuance, and should always be taken with a grain of salt.
Of course Sam Farha didn’t mean to bet indiscriminately on every card, the more the better, and he himself would never act like that.
Recently, at a table there was a lively debate. The one player meant the secret of winning was “patience, patience, patience”. I said patience was certainly a positive quality for a poker player, but patience should not mean, fear.
Sometimes I see players fold 10 times in a row, and I’d like to ask them what cards are they waiting for to bet, especially because we all know that AA or KK are no guarantee to win.
The sense of that quote, as I see it, is: no bet, no pot.
In my opinion, all those poker tutorials are fun and interesting to watch, but the most essential thing to succeed in poker is to develop one’s own instinct and judgement to take the right decision, and that only comes with experience.
Like earlier, I perfectly knew my 2 pair were going to lose to a straight, but hey, breakfast was waiting for me, and so I sacrificed my chips in the name of food. :slight_smile:


nice information every1.

very true, but my thought was that usually the main point of a quote is leading to the truth, even if there are vital parts missing :slight_smile:. but you defenitely have good points too :+1:.

actually this has nothing to do with being rigged.
i’m pretty sure unranked is just in a funny mood :grin:. he is one of the best players here and is very aware bingo isn’t a good strategy. but i assume since he usually plays on the elite stakes, he is just there to have fun.

another thing was all those limps, which obviously is a bad play but for some reason many players (even on those stakes) just like to limp. but the only one that i needed to give more thought was the limp-shove-call from joedirk. this because joedirk is also one of the best players here and is very aware limping isn’t the best strategy (especcialy UTG or with AK). but my thought about that is that unranked was there longer then this, and already has a read on him that he will shove any 2 when no resistance is shown.

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LOL. I’m sorry to break it to you, but the point was not that the quote itself is incorrect. Just wasn’t a RP player that said it.

sometimes its a feeling

I take it that whoever bets the most wins hands more often - due to others folding.
The cards being tie breakers refers to the need to go to hand strength in the event two players bet the same and a showdown is required.

I think it is a reference to the ability to read opponents successfully and make skilful bets rather than persistent random aggression, but it is open to interpretation


All right, I’ve read enough. I can’t believe this has gone almost a month with nobody getting the quote.
The person who bets the most wins. The only way you can bet the “most” is if everyone else folds. If everyone else folds, you win.
If someone calls, you haven’t bet the “most” anymore, it is a tie. The tie is broken by who has the best “cards”.
Some of you overthink your poker game the same way you tried to overthink the quote.
Lighten up, you’ll enjoy the game more. :wink:

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In response to the above quote:

‘People who throw glass houses shouldn’t live stoned!!’ :volcano: