To the gods and goddesses of RelayPoker, please grant us with more statistical data, numbers, % values

Coming from a numberphile, it would be AWESOME if replaypoker offered more statistical data for players to utilize when improving our game. Mind you, I appreciate the liberty you guys have taken in offering statistical data on the amount of hands folded, flops seen, and pots won.

However, have you guys thought of adding: 1) 3-bet percentage depending on position 2) Fold to continuation bet percentage 3) Continuation bet percentage 4) Fold to turn/river bet percentage 5) Aggression frequency based on street 6) Checkraise flop/raise flop percentage 7) 4-Bet percentage 8) Fold to 4-bet percentage 9) W (Won $ when saw flop percentage)

Quite honestly, anything would suffice. I just find numbers to be extremely useful and convenient when defining complex systems like the game of Poker. These data values don’t necessarily have to be visible to others. It could just be visible to a player. The underlying purpose of this proposal is not to give others an edge, but give an opportunity for poker players to better understand their own game.

Absolutely agree 100%. I’m also a numberphile, so really looking forward to providing a wealth of statistics to players, to an unprecedented level for online poker sites. Stay tuned!

Thanks once again for the suggestion Kyle.