To show or not to show this is the question?

I never have and never will show my cards to other players at the table. In my mind why would I ever show a bluff or a monster hand and give free information to my opponents? If asked I have occasionally said what I had but not often. We all play a slightly different style and showing cards is a tactic that can work but for me I would rather keep the other players guessing.


You do you and don’t worry about others. It’s a game with ‘free’ chips. Any friendship you lose over showing/not showing wasn’t worth having to begin with IMO.

See ya at the tables… but you still gotta pay to see my cards. :smiley:



Well, if he’s anything like me, he’s probably telling anyone and everyone who will listen!!


I can think of one specific time when I saw showing cards have a major impact. WSOP Tournament of Champions, final table, down to heads up, Annie Duke vs. Phil Hellmuth.

Annie Duke has A9, Phil Hellmuth has A-rag.

Flop comes A-9-X. Hellmuth leads off with a bet, Duke raises big, and after a long pause and typical self-talk, Hellmuth shows only his ace and folds.

Duke showed only her 9.

Hellmuth began cussing, commenting on how he couldn’t believe he was bluffed, and so on. He was on one of the worst tilts I’ve seen for a pro. Duke won the tournament shortly thereafter. Hellmuth never considered the possibility that she had 2 pair and had actually beat him.


I would have shown that hand even if everyone had folded.
I normally do not show hands, win Or lose. Unless they are similar to that RF, or I am trying to piss someone off, so that they go on tilt, thus reducing their critical thinking, poker skills.


i will show my cards to anyone of my 6012 friends if they ask except for sue13…she doesnt need to ask


I’m not going to show. You can ask what I had. Oh, I will tell you something. But it’s coming from a poker player.


Good response, BugsyWhite. Thanks for the comment–and welcome to the Forum. Come again often.

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ob zeigen oder nicht glaube ich ist jedem selbst überlassen ich zahle aber immer wenn ich raise und werde dann gecallt bis zum Schluss um die karten dann zu sehen
bespiel ich habe pocket Könige raise und werde dann egal im welche spiel hier von mindestens drei spieler wenn gecallt dann zahle ich bis zueinen m ende um zu sehen mit was man gecallt wird
und in den meisten fällen wird man mit karten gecallt das einen davon … wird so wie 7 4
und das in vielen Spielen leider hier so also was habe ich davon
zeigen oder nicht zeigen
wer immer sehen will mit was einer hier callt mein Tip bis zum Ende zahlen fast der tisch dann nicht schnell wechselt
in diesem Sinne

I think it’s up to you whether you show or not, but I always pay when I raise and am then called until the end to see the cards
Example I have pocket kings raise and then no matter what game here, at least three players call me if I pay until the end to see what you get called
and in most cases you get called with cards that one of these… becomes like 7 4
and unfortunately in many games here so what do I get out of it
show or not show
whoever wants to see what someone is calling with my tip pay to the end almost the table then doesn’t change quickly
in this sense

Don’t Look !!!

Do what you want with your own cards but don’t play the Poker Police, Ann Landers, and Dear Abby rolled up into one providing advice about what you interpret proper poker playing etiquette to be on the site based upon your cash games.
Replay have already done this by providing “freedom of choice” with the Muck button :slight_smile:
Some people might use a different first letter to get inside your head and it sounds like it is working lol .

Use yours however you want to but don’t criticize others who don’t share your same beliefs.

Braggers talk with their mouths or what they write with their words, not with cards Cards are inanimate objects for seeing.
Mucking is a tool people can choose to use or not use, just like the clock , however they want to play it.

I personally like to see what people have got and share positive encouragement in the form of a SMILE for good hands shown.
Sorry for being Happy :slight_smile:

Just because you dont show your cards I am not going to tell you that you are doing it wrong because i think your a dishonest bluffer

Bragging is talking and if someone is doing that they are going to use the Chat function.

If someone has good cards what is the harm in looking at them, conversely what is the harm at seeing how close your hand was to being beaten ?

Players credibility

Obviously TV poker wouldnt be as interesting if nobody knew what cards were winning and why.

Just like the clock , Showing your cards is the choice of the Holder of the cards .

you have your choices , respect other people choices


Showing/not showing your hand is just another strategic move, it is neither respectful or disrespectful, just a methodology one may choose to incorporate in their game playing.


Totally depends on circumstances, at times I just show to show my pair at times to show a bluff with nada. keep them guessing

Bunch of crap…never show your hand and it will always keep em guessing…also never buy chips…giving out private info may result more than jus losing a pot.

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Good to know i got inside your head :smile:

Crap is what u have to go thru to get anywhere these days .

I respect that you can Do your own thing and it doesnt bother me a bit :slight_smile:

Be Happy dont worry Avoid the Karma Cops Good Luck

I will show depending on how I want to play the table. I use the option as a tool… Maybe it’s a bad tool, I don’t know. I’ll keep on playing the way i do until i don’t.