To be a poker addict

We all now that one day all goes your way and the next all dont! What do you do if its the day that it dosent go your way? Still play and lose all your chips ? Any one who have tip to change the way :slight_smile:


Live to play another day, log in, collect your 2500 chips and try again. Most importantly, have fun :+1:t2:


Good question. My rule of thumb is to stop playing when it stops being fun. Not only is the purpose of the game here to have fun (and maybe learn), but you won’t play well if you are miserable. In terms of losing all your chips, practice good bankroll management. If you have a million chips, you should not risk more than 50,000 or 100,000 at a ring game or buy in to tournaments for more than ~10,000-25,000. That way, you won’t lose all of your chips at once.


I think that’s a great one… if you’re not having a good time, take a break.

I also tend to take a break any time I get stacked. I won’t do that if I’m deliberately playing in a high volatility style, where I expect to get stacked a lot, and I won’t usually do it if I think the table is just bleeding chips from the jugular, but in pretty much any case, if I’m not having fun, I’ll take a small break at a minimum.