Tired of playing

What happens when you’re just getting tired of playing. and wishing you were doing something else?
Someone comes along and takes care of that for you.

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Terrible river call. I can see not expecting to be up against quad Aces, but you really thought you had the best straight there? That should have been an easy laydown. Would have been fun if you’d made a baby straight flush, though.

Not gonna analyze this hand, but you kinda deserved it haha ! I mean, you wanted to give your chips to him, so it’s all ok right ?

This was my 5th straight tourney, and i really was tired of playing. Otherwise, i would have folded the hand, preflop.
then, the flush draw hit, and i’m wondering, who am i to argue. note to self…don’t start tournaments you’re too tired to play. LOL. and i wonder why i have no chips.

No worries, you’ll grind your way back up!