Tips On Bluffing

Just didn’t want to repeat that other thread, that was exhausting for both of us.
And yeah, I like fast tables, and I do have to run thru all that each time… thankfully most of what I had to think about, came before it became heads up… from there on out it was mostly str8 forward to me.
(edit) reason 1/2 pot bet can be strong, is because so little time… alot of ppl use it, to save time.

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Something kinda like this , Spivak ???
Remember Folks, While playing this hand, I thought of this thread…
( no I wasn’t bluffing … (this time) )

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ZOMG that was almost exactly this hand!

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Yeah, Spivak … like 10-15 minutes earlier I did the forum thing, then went to play some… and whammo that hand … I was like DeJa Vu ??? then a couple hands later won a decent pot, I think, and :duck: 'd off the table, so I could post that hand here … on :fire: … hahahaha

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I am really an amateur player despite my favorable progress here and in pub poker with nppt. I classify by betting in three categories. First, there is having a hand worthy of a bet. and I try to win big as-assured-as possible pots with either big bets that can be folded or small ones that might even get raised.then their are chasers like a 4 card flush on the flop or the top pair showing (a good one) on the turn where I bet like I have it assured to drive others out. I do not count them as bluffs even if the flush chasing leaves me with K high if/when I miss. People see what I was doing and commend my bravery as they take my stack

The rare times I bluff, with a call or value bet preflop with say 8 4 only to bet like I paired up when k 10 2 emerge and go all in do not typically play well. I have done that if I had a 2 3 ONLY if we at the table have been talking about the 2 3 hand having just won or lost. Then win or lose, I can reveal and keep that moment alive. I always reveal my bluffs. People need to know that you do it so they call you when you aren’t. I find that I win when I’m not quite often when half good hands stay in calculating a bluff. they tell me they don’t trust my face and hope their 88 will carry. They don’t.

I was at the NPPT finals and lost a hand when I, first to act, went all in with trips showing on the table. I lost to the person who actually held the fourth and he won a monster pot. The lesson I learned and wish to share wasn’t about that nature of a fake, but that players are less likely to drop out when you bluff big if the pot at stake is huge.

Still have lots to learn.


Hey everyone. I’m impressed with the essays some of you wrote. For anyone looking to read more stuff like that, I want to recommend some books.

Check out anything by David Sklansky especially ‘The Theory of Poker’ and also check out ‘Pot-Limit and No-Limit Poker’ by Reuben and Ciaffone. Both have a lot to say about bluffing and playing against bluffers and bullies, plus lots more poker talk. These guys were writing about gambling for a living way before it was popular. Enjoy.