Tiny image to accompany the table names

I was wondering if it is possible to include a tiny image to accompany the table names here on Replay.

The tables have really great themed names and a small accompanying image would look good I think. See below for my example I made for the Captain Kidd table using a transparent PNG image.

Ready for the poker fight?
Poker swashbuckling!

I think it works but then again I’m biased - haha :slight_smile:

I realize that what with HTML, CSS and Javascript and mutli-platform environments, images can be a pain in the proverbial when it comes to site design but if they were kept tiny like this example, could it be a realistic possibility?

I also realize that this site is built on minimalism with maximum features (and it succeeds by the way,) but I think this could be possible and without making the site all “bells and whistles” like so many other sites. It’s unobtrusive and it would give a little sparkle and uniqueness to each page, without detracting from Replay’s great design.

I did actually make a Captain Kidd image using his head only, but aesthetically it seemed to stand out too much and I think the one I posted above looks more subtle and appropiate.

Would love to hear any other members or staff thoughts on this idea!

I also have to say, thanks for a great site, I have had endless fun here, I joined about 2 years ago for what I thought would be a quick game of poker and since then, through this site I have met (in real life), people from the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, the United States and the UK and have had endless hours of fun with people from so many different places and backgrounds. Best site I ever got introduced to - end of.

Great job and the interface on this site rocks.

All the best guys :slight_smile:

P.S.(Hell I’d even make all the images myself - this idea been on my mind for a long time!)


One of the things I like about replay poker is that they don’t have all the clutter other sites have. All well and good if you have a good connection all the time but here in the Welsh Valleys, we are a very low priority to the providers and to put it bluntly, my personal connection speeds are pure crap at ANY time but evening and weekends are even worse. So NO from me to anything that’ll make my experience any worse! Maybe selfish but I’ve had to leave poker sites because my speed keeps getting me folded or booted. By my speed I mean my internet speed cuz I sure ain’t slow!

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Sure absolutely I understand that. That’s why I only suggested one tiny pic to individualize the table names a little. It’s only 52pixels by 52 pixels and about 2 kilobytes in size; absolutely miniscule in terms of bandwidth.

Hehe I can relate to the slow connection speeds in some places back in the UK, I also used to be one of those “in the valleys” and well down the list on the priority list of service providers. In fact where I used to be - there was only 1 provider available. You getting folded or booted is most likely down to the Flashplayer technology used for the table which wouldn’t have anything to do with this. Good news for you is that the tables will be based around HTML5 in the near future, so that problem for you may well be gone when the site is re-implemented in HTML5.

PS. Congrats on the Welsh rugby wins if you’re a rubgy fan! :slight_smile:

i think thats a neat idea as long as its not an animated pic


Hah, that’s way cool! They don’t let me touch the art around here, though. =P

keep things clean and easy. On the long run, pp get bored, want new or different. One may lik, other dont, some get offended. (You dont want to be offended by Sumatra to Somalia pirates, Joking hehe) Clean and easy, simple will get new pp got more comfortable and dont distracted.

Love the idea Glorfindel and it could be a lot of fun making all those images. Given how many tables and tourneys we have, it’ll be a herculean effort that’s for sure. Sounds like an idea we’ll keep in the back of our minds, and wait until we’re feeling particularly creative :sunglasses:

Talking of images, we’ve got some great new achievement badges launching soon, we had a lot of fun creating those - there are about 50 or so, I hope you’ll like 'em!

Also great to hear how much you’re enjoying the site, even more so that you’ve met some great people from all over the world. That’s fantastic news!

Thanks for replying MrReplay (from another Paul by the way - great name huh!) . Well I don’t see it as a herculean effort but I’ ll read between the lines and take it is a “No” ! The coding “behind the scenes” is “painful” and I understand that. My idea (like I said to Gatzby in a message) was more in hope than in anticipation but like I said to him - I had to try :slight_smile:

I am intrigued about the badges you mention because I am a newcomer to the forums and only started participating here when the forums moved over to Replay itself so to speak. Will there be a newsletter/announcement about those shortly?

Once again thanks for a great site. Poker is played sat down - but one way or another, this site got me off my derrière and I have seen more of the world and the people in it since I joined than I had for a long time. Maybe this could have happened with another site (or happen anyway), but it didn’t - it happened for me on this site - so thank you. To me, Replay is a business like any other but unlike most, Replay listens, responds and cares enough to make its business the best it can be and I totally admire that.

Cheers Paul and entourage and May the Flop be WIth You.

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Wow, thanks for the kind words, that’s brightened up my day and I’ll be sharing 'em with the rest of the team :blush:

Yeah, they’ll be an announcement about the new Achievements here in the Forums (we usually announce new stuff on this topic: Replay Poker - What's New! - #90), as well as on the main site when it goes live, hopefully later this month. You’ll have a hard time missing them as you’ll suddenly see some funky looking badges on your dashboard and in player profiles.

Ah you’re welcome and thanks for the information.