Time Spent Playing Poker

Most people today know the game of Poker. Some players are better at Poker than others. Then, there are players that enjoy the game so much that they play Poker whenever they can. But, just how many hours do players spend on the tables. My question is how many hours, or minutes, have you played during one sitting at a Poker table, tournament tables included? That does not mean at several tables, but just one. I have only been able to play for a maximum of 4 hours at one table. It would be interesting to see how many night owls we actually have playing Poker on Replay.


Personaly, I usually play 1 MTT (approx. 1 hr) per day. If I do not have so much time to spend (yes, I have a life beside Poker !), I get a RG (low stake) and play until previewed time is over (or until I lose all my tokens !).


I feel lucky to make the 1st break of 1 hr. in a tourney. I try to play a few hands every day. seems if the luck / cards are good, I will keep playing - not so good, a different game - suduko, cross word or just solitaire. max would be 2 or 3 hours at a sitting.

I like to play Mtt Tounaments,yesterday when i won Agains all odds it took almost 3 houers! If i work i cant play but usally its 2-3 houers a day! in weekends longer! To play poker is the most beautiful!!!


I haven’t played ring games in about 4 or 5 years but love MTTs and SNGs. I’m good for about 3-4 before needing a break in between.

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