Time limit on pre-registered FR to start playing

I pre-registered for FR because I had to clean out dryer hose lint and knew I wouldn’t be done by FR start time. I came back to play less than 20 min. post start and was not allowed. That said, we’ve all seen players entered sit out an early blind level or two,then starting play. So is there a new time limit that one needs to start playing by or am I special ? Cause I don’t feel special.

Hi Finn007
This is mentioned in the Replay Help Center,
topic ‘Tournaments and no-show’

In all Sit & Go and some Freeroll tournaments, players that have not taken their seat and played a hand by the END of the second blind level , will be removed from the tournament and their buy-in forfeited. In all Multi-Table Tournaments requiring a buy-in fee, however, players have until the END of the third blind level to take their seat and participate in a hand. Blind levels can vary from tournament to tournament, but a typical blind level is 5 minutes, in which case a no show would be removed after 10-15 minutes of inactivity.

Hope this helps


Got It. Thanks.