Tidying up the categories

We’re pleased to let you know that we’re doing some clean up on outdated topics. To reduce the large number of old dormant topics, all categories have now been set to archive topics that have become inactive. However, older topics that remain relevant will be retained in the active topics list. If you have any questions, please contact us at support@replaypoker.com.


I’m going to put my question here since the reply button is active and as not to inundate support with the same questions over and over.

I did a search and then an advanced search and couldn’t find any archived threads, posts or topics.

There was such a wealth of knowledge and information in those threads, posts and topics.

Where would a member find those archived threads if they wanted to read or perhaps print them ?

Thank you in advance for your answer.

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Currently, archived topics are not accessible. However, the topics have been closed and remain visible under the categories. We are in the process of reviewing the contents to determine which should be kept and which should be archived. Please let us know about topics you feel would be important to retain in the active topics list. Thanks!

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Wonderful news and I will, thank you Susan !

Whoaa, and new interface for the software it seems…

Wordy/Fizzy ,

Since topics keep reoccurring every 2-4 months, you might wanna rethink the 1 month auto-close feature ( perhaps 6mo ). If archived topics are not visible, does that mean not only that wealth of information but the very history of Replay Poker is being reset basically ??? I know the winners always write then re-write history in real life, but did recent events on the forum cause the forum itself to be reset ? I had fun reading the evolution of the replay forum, and by its very nature the history of Replay Poker. All of that now goes buh-bye ?? I read the new forum rules, and now this…

I for one am profoundly sad today…


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We are definitely looking at the best way to continue to provide our players and visitors with an abundance of helpful information. We’re proud of our forum history, and it will most assuredly remain intact.

okie dokie, tks
been here 18 months, and 5-6 topics keep comming back every 3-4 months… lulz

Wow , I just received a message from the forums. 141 locked threads that we can no longer post in ?

Unread (99) , hmmmmm

99 bottles of beer on the wall, 99 bottles of beer…:thinking:
as I clear the unread locked threads… :wink:

I was clearing the unread locked threads one by one until I saw in the drop down box the word “Dismiss “.
Poof, they were mass cleared. Time saved ? Priceless :+1:t2:


I noticed at the bottom of some threads it says that the topic will be closed one month after the last post and other threads do not.

Who or what decides what is a good topic to keep or lock when the topic is brand new and only has one post ?

This is an automatic setting that kicks in when there have been no posts on a topic for a month. As long as the topic is generating interest and posts, the topic will not be automatically closed.

Ok thank you but some have it on the bottom and some do not ?

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sorry to say, but this seems like a really bad update.

first of all, if there won’t be posted in a forum anymore they stay down in the list anyway, and the longer they stay dormant the deeper they go, so in fact the update won’t change anything about that. the only reason they can pop up back into the list again is if someone posts in it again, which means that there is new interest shown into it.

second thing is exactly like sarah said that some threads gets renewed interest after several months, and it isn’t even that uncommon since i have seen it happen several times, meaning that people stil have interest in dormant forums and making it unreachable to post into it again. i have even seen topics get a new life after years of no posting into it.

third thing is that if someone is seriously interested in the dormant topic, they can easily make a new topic, which will only make several things of the same subject get spread over several different forums.

long story short, it won’t help at all in what you want to accomplish, but it does have several negative results. so i hope you want to reconsider this and only close forums for the reasons you had before the update.

and most importantly, since dormant topics are deep down into the list anyway it won’t make any difference at all if you want to make the lists more clear to clean them up, since it already happens in the process.

hope u understand, yiazmat.

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We agree and this is why we are going through the dormant posts to determine which should be closed permanently. There are many great topics that people would read, but they may be further down the list than some are willing to dig. Some are completely outdated, and there are many topics that are related and can be combined.

There are thousands and thousands of topics and it will take some time to go through them individually, but you will see topics re-opened as we go through the process. In the meantime, if you have a topic that you believe should remain active, please let us know.


Ok thank you but some have it on the bottom and some do not ?

Not all topics are set up for automatic closing. These topics will remain active and will not show the message at the bottom.

OK, thank you again.

sounds good, hopefully the all the good/funny/important etc. ones stay open.
i hope u aren’t done yet since there are still several forums closed which fall into these 3 category examples i mentioned.
good luck with choosing which ones to open, and thx 4 the reply.


i see u merged this post into this thread. but i posted this in the other thread, because galak asked why several topics are closed (watch the quote above). and the link i put into the post is already leading to this thread.
so i think it’s better to remove the merge since he can’t see my explanation this way :wink:

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So what am I doing looking at 2 threads now for the same answer ?

Hi Craig,

I moved it back. I haven’t quite figured out how to split a post when there are questions about more than one topic.

Thanks for your patience!